Star Wars: Darth Maul’s Evolution

Star Wars Darth Maul’s Evolution. Maul has had quite the ride from being “killed” in the Phantom Menace, to returning 12 years later in The Clone Wars TV show, to then showing up again in Rebels and making a huge appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story!

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  1. He had so little screen time in the movies, but he was one of the best characters in the tv show. Him alongside with Ashoka Tano. I loved him also in Sw Rebels. He was a silent henchman in Phantom Manance but his personalty was well developed in the clone wars show. An amazing character…"The shaddow"

  2. Such a good character, it was a mistake to “kill” him in the prequels but at least they are bringing him back

  3. Technically, if you were going to go by the Star Wars timeline you should have put the Solo footage before the Sidious fight… but this is fine nonetheless. His cameo in Solo was one of my main motivations to see the film haha, it was short but worth it. This is also a prime example of how largely superior The CLone Wars animation and direction was compared to Rebels… you forgot his death scene in Rebels by the way, one of the few genuinely good moments that show had.

  4. Nigga what the fuck is he is he a spider man the shit eeeeeew nigga this bitch looks disgusting

  5. Of all the fucking shit story lines there gonna go with the clone wars cheesy ass episode where darth maul has robot legs wtf fuck off star wars i hope they dont make that bullshit.

  6. Hi, you include also the story "Son of Dathomir" (comic) as a sequel to what happened between TCW, s. 5. and Solo.

  7. That was better than the whole of TLJ, beautifully done. People forget the SW stories had a lot of menace and the characters suffered real peril, the newer films dont have any of that

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