Star Wars / Disney have LOST THEIR MIND

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Written by frances

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  1. What saddens me the most is the way Disney and LucasFilm employees are interacting with the fans, they seem to spend their days insulting the audience on Twitter for not liking the Disney products. This won't end well for the franchise.
    The sequel trilogy is not even a trilogy, there's no journey for the characters. The whole thing feels like the plan was to get rid of every iconic characters from the Original saga and replace them with bland one-dimentional characters. You don't feel the passion or the love for the 40+ year-old franchise in those movies. The only movie that felt a bit like Star Wars was Rogue One but the final product wasn't Gareth Edwards' original cut (I wish someone would release his original script).

  2. Hey, so have you heard about what's been buzzing around twitter about "Remake TLJ" ? there is a twitter account that is called "RM the last jedi" just wondering your thoughts on this…..

  3. I would have to say that the Skywalker saga ended at return of the jedi as well. HOW EVER!! If they did 7,8,9 over again, made sure Kathleen Kennedy was no where around or Rian Johnson and struck this from the Star Wars canon stroy line then they might be able to save Star Wars. I'm 43 and I shouldn't let something like this bother me, after all it is a movie but deep down I'm really pissed off that any of this shit ever happen!

  4. For those who say wait and see, I say, if your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend beats you 3 weeks in a row, should you wait and see what will happen in week 4?

  5. Remember the Southpark Disney Star Wars episode?
    No actual story, it's all about the spreading of their ideology through propaganda. Recently the war started in the comic-book industry, and has been going on for some time now in the gaming industry, and has now seeped into the movie industry, starting with Star Wars.

    Their propaganda has to be everywhere at the same time or their lie won't work when people can escape it. Anita Sarkeesian basically spilled the beans when she said everything must be attacked at the same time.

  6. When the hero is a overpowered Mary Sue, who can use the force better than any force user before without any training and can trample all over the villain who was raised in a Jedi academy trained by the greatest force user alive then you my friend don't have a movie but a Saturday cartoon. That's why we laugh at your feminist SJW films. They are unrealistic and that is why my Star Wars universe begins with 1 and ends with 6.

  7. I contest with Finn, Finn ALMOST had a reason for existing, until the true useless character of the movie “Rose Tico” destroyed it. Finn could’ve had a decent character arc, but worse than Hans character arc.

  8. I can't wait for the EPISODE 9 BOYCOTT!!!
    Disney thinks they can break us, but
    TOGETHER we have the high ground.
    We ARE true fans. We ARE true customers.

  9. There is one guy who could have really make something out from this mess, but i am afraid its too late. His name is Christopher Nolan. But he is not gonna touch it until this garbage goes down to the sink totally. Maybe with a new trilogy.

  10. The Game of Thrones guys worked with thick books written by Martin, as soon as they ran out of books they fucked up Game of Thrones.

  11. I love people are passionate about the things they like
    I feel bad for the fans of Star Wars in the way they dealt with luke
    He was barely in episode 7 then killed in 8
    It looks likes to me that mark pissed some one off in management


    Keep the longer run length but put it to good use. Introduce two new characters to bring forth the dark revelation about Rey – in combination with Anakin's force ghost to speak to Kylo…reveal the two mysterious male characters that have been tracking Rey since she had been abandoned on Jakku, and Anakin's ghost warning Kylo of the truth about Rey, and how dangerous she is.

    It is a subject covered in the old Knights of the Republic series and it would explain everything impossible about Rey. And the inexplicable behavior of characters she interacts with.

    Take a moment to consider the idea that explains the Mary Sue, Finn's rapid growth from coward to fighter, General Organa's Mary Poppins force maneuver, The reason Luke was hiding, the reason he acted half scared of Rey, the reason she beat him in a stick joust, the reason Kylo Ren is drawn so hard, so fast to Rey hes basically lovestruck, there is an answer for all of it. 

    Rey was abandoned on Jakku for this very same reason. And that she ended up with watchers…kind of like Ben Kenobi but mischievous and less honorable. These new characters could be developed fully into the most legendary Star Wars characters ever…none other than Tag & Bink… then show why they are involved tied into narrative arc

    Rey is a 'wound' in the force.  Anyone she meets instantly bonds to her, anyone who bonds with her immediately develop skills faster than normally possible, people that are strong in the force or are sensitive are drawn to her even quicker and stronger. Luke acted as expected when a 'wound' in the force showed up on his island. And he deeply wanted her to leave and he knew better than to join her mission, he knew her presence meant death & unnecessary suffering…and he was the only master alive capable of resisting the bond pull surrounding such a Force wound. She must be destroyed. And anyone who might think Luke could have 'fixed' a living embodiment of a Force wound must understand that the entire Jedi council has never managed to fix it during the three times it has occurred in Star Wars history. As great a hero Luke Skywalker was and always will be to me and others… He couldn't have achieved such a task. Death for him would have been preferable as to allow Luke to gain his Force ghost abilities.

    Rey is a wound in the Force, so she has repressed memories and she is a ticking time bomb who could inadvertently end the Force altogether…forever. She would learn of what she actually is and I would want Tag & Bink style climatic ending for the character of Rey.

    If that movie were to be made ALL of this madness would be over and Canon would survive & thrive. And the twist would be epic. The specific act creating a living Force wound generally involves large scale death and either real or imagined guilt from a Force sensitive or user.

  13. Lucasfilms built a kingdom, Idiots bought it and turned it into a ghetto. I'm 100% done. I walked out of TLJ after Leia did her Mary Poppins crap. Did not see Solo. Will not see Episode IX. DONE!

  14. I waited 30 years to see Han, Luke & Leia together again. They made sure that would never happen. They fucked me on purpose so I walked away. I feel sorry for all the fans that just can't let go. Star Wars is dead! I didn't go see 7, 8, Solo & won't be going to 9 obviously. I predicted all of this.

  15. Feminism and SJW politics are NOT a product of communist economic policy. McCarthyism was designed by western oligarchs to terrify Americans against a system that terrifies the 1%, so all the dumb ass rednecks would wave their flags and support one illegal war after another. TLJ sucked, but not because of socialism/communism. Don't be brainwashed.
    #soycott #boycott9 #FandomMenace

  16. I anticipate
    Finn wakes up, the entire episode 8 was a force vision, yes he is force sensitive. Then founds out its a few hours before the first order attacks, then anticipated all the first order moves and escapes. Finn totally avoids Rose, Luke never threw the light Saber away, trains Rei properly. Luke does fight for real.

  17. Disney you suck. I will not watch another movie that u make. You totally destroyed the best franchise ever with your SJW bullcrap. I hope you go bankrupt assholes

  18. Bringing Lando into 9 is just a cheap trick, like all the ill used "fan service" in Disney's Star Wars thus far. They barely know the words but they sure as hell don't know the tune. They neither know nor care about Star Wars. I can only think they are destroying it on purpose. I was done after TFA. I'm boycotting all of Disney over this. Screw 'em. We can only hope Star Wars dies a quick and merciful death. Maybe then it can be sold to some entity who will treat it with more love and respect.

  19. Ending the Skywalker and Jedi saga was apparently the plan all along. Why is beyond my comprehension, SMH

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