Star Wars Episode 8 – Adam Driver Praises Rian Johnson’s Script | Collider News

Natasha Martinez with Collider News breaks down the comments made by Adam Driver about the Rian Johnson written script for ‘Star Wars Episode VIII.’

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Written by frances

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  1. I have no worries about episode 8, with Rian Johnson at the helm, Colin Trevorrow doing episode 9 on the other hand has me worried….

  2. It's impossible to write Episode 8 and not make it a little like Empire. If the fanboys complain about Episode 8 "just being Empire again" I am going to fucking scream.

  3. I don't get why this stuff makes news, "Actor says good things about a movie he is filming". I mean, is that so surprising? Are they going to say anything but good things?

  4. **SPOILERS**



    Both 7ft Tall (Cybernetic Legs),
    Both Have The Same Voice & Accent,
    Both Have "Watched The Empire Rise And Then Fall" – Snoke, Force Awakens Novel
    Both Around The Same Age,
    Both Are Not Considered Sith,
    Both Have NEVER Had A Death Scene (Yet),
    Maul Was The FIRST Knight Of Ren (REBELS),
    Zabrak Horns Can Fall Out With Old Age Or Scalp Necrosis.


    VADER And MAUL Will Fight In REBELS (Upcoming Season),
    MAUL Will Be Left For Dead And Become Deformed Just Like Anakin (Episode 3, vs Obi-Wan),
    Episode 8 SNOKE (MAUL) Will Reveal His Legs FOR THE FIRST TIME (Cybernetic = MAUL),
    SNOKE (MAUL) Will Use Info About REY's Family (His Master = Palpatine) To Turn Her To The Dark Side,
    SNOKE (MAUL) Is In REY'S (Palpatine) Spot As She Is The True Heir To The First Order.

    "Search Your Feelings You Know It To Be True."

  5. Reading between the lines and it sounds like Driver is pissed off with Rian Johnson especially the part when he says, "Turn up for work, do my fucking job, be nice to fellow employees", he then signs off with saying, "whatever happens when my shift ends, I don't give a fuck"
    Got to wonder if this guy heading a billion dollar franchise or flipping burgers at McDonalds

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