Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi Exciting News Of Obi Wan Kenobi

Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi will have the return of Yoda as a force ghost but many have been wondering what about Obi Wan Kenobi in The Last Jedi. Now it has been said Obi Wan Kenobi’s Role in Star Wars The Last Jedi will be very similar to how it was in star wars the force awakens, which suggests a force Ghost voice rather than a Force Ghost in itself. I predict the voice of obi wan we hear in the Star Wars The Force Awakens Flashback scene is a snippet of what we will hear fully in The Last Jedi’s flashback scene in front of Rey or perhaps both Rey and Luke Skywalker since Obi Wan says “Rey…….these are her first steps.” Obi Wans Role Revealed In The Last Jedi is pretty exciting stuff!.


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  2. Cool.
    I believe that Obi-Wan ' s voice is from the present time. its as if he is watching Ray as he once did with Luke when Luke was taking his first lesson and trying to feel the force with his helmit blast shield down trying to defend against the training flying ball. Obi-Wan said you have taken your first steps into a much larger world. or something along those lines.
    hope to see Obi-Wan in this one. if not in a stand alone film.
    great job Mike Zeroh. #kylopug

  3. Yes i would definitely like to see Obi-Wan Force spirit once again to us audience and to especially Rey. It was a long time, we haven't seen the Force ghost since Return Of The Jedi. My 2nd favorite Jedi Master character. EVER.

  4. Have u ever read the book Star Wars Heir to the empire, in the book obi wan leave Luke and and tells him that he has to go do someone else( obi was is a first ghosts at this time) I think obi wan some how is trying to connect with Rey through the force but I don't know why

  5. The voice of Obi Wan during TFA is def from the present telling Rey she's "taken her first steps into a larger world" sort to speak when she first feels the force. I don't believe that was a flashback. I believe we will hear or see him again during her training with Luke along with Yoda.

  6. Idk, Mike….kind of a bummer we don't get to see more Obi-wan don't ya think? I don't know what The Last Jedi will exactly be like, but I'm feeling like we need some definite Force Ghost action soon. I mean….since the Phantom Menace, we've gotten Nothing except the forceback in TFA. The OT had a good bit of "force ghost" action. I think it would be disappointing to many fans considering all this force ghost chatter we've been​ hearing for almost a year now.

  7. I personally believe and hope that Obi-Wan, Yoda & Anakin return as force ghosts visually not in a voice ??? and I wouldn't mind hearing Qui-Gons voice either that would be great.

  8. Or The Kenobi part "These are your 1st steps" come from a New hope when he said then to Luke in route to find Leia and signal nothing more than Reys connection to Luke, pointing that maybe her fate and/or past is connected and we will see more of the why/how in Ep 8. If you think about it, it's Reys premonition to her destiny with Luke (as his Padawan) and his backstory as well as the Empire backstory as it applies to her. Think of it as a form of communal consciousness within the force and a force user'sability to tap it,but Rey being a "virgin" to the force can't quite make the reception of this communal consciousness coherent and it blanks and transitions from time period to time period without a linear and complete Beginning,Middle,End format. maybe this is a explanation or maybe my tinfoil hat isn't working,lol

  9. I like the idea of forcebacks and disembodied voices, rather than a force ghost appearing. TFA had a much more modern vibe to it this way, imo.

  10. yoda luke, rey kenobi and kylo anakin. all done seperatly. yoda guides luke bringing nostalga to fans. kenobi guiding rey further speculating shes a kenobi getting famn theories flowing. anakin guiding kylo revealing something new in ep8 and seeing the true relationship.

  11. One night, when Owen was out drinking again with his buddies, Obi Wan stopped by. Beru brought out the blue milk, things got heavy. The rest is history. That's why Owen hates Obi-Wan so much, he nailed his old lady.

  12. It's Alec Guinness voice just broke up as I watched a video with Ewan mcgregor on a talk show and he explained it how it was done I'd there any thing these film ppl can't do lol

  13. I think I solved who's Rey's parents might be. She's is going to be a Kenobi. If you go back on season 2 of the clones wars episode 12 named "Madalore plot". You'll clearly see kenobi has some history with queen dutches of "mandalore peace". I won't go any further but watch the episode. It says a lot.

  14. Actually the very next episodes it says that anakin discovered that kenobi and dutches had history in "Voyage of temptation". Episode 13

  15. As an Obi Wan fan, I want to "see" him in the films, but for now I'll take his voice. As for Rey, I still believe she's the granddaughter of Obi Wan. If she's not, my 2nd choice she's the daughter of Benicio Del Toro's character. Or 3rd, her parents aren't characters in the canon SW universe. We'll see what happens.

  16. An Obi Wan voice would be fine imo,  2 actors have now portrayed the character on film. This would avoid the same upset caused by putting Hayden in the ROTJ ending.

  17. It's more likely that vision was 'Rey's first steps' and OBWan was speaking to her right then as she came out of the vision…OBWan also spoke to Luke in the cockpit of his Xwing as he destroyed the Death Star in Ep IV before he appeared to him in Degoba in Ep V.

    It's hard to believe that OBWan would appear as a Force Ghost as anyone other than Alec Guinness… that would mess too much with continuity, so if Ewan McG is gonna be in VIII, it may be just his voice, or flashback of him using Ewans likeness.

    Yoda can return, as can Anakin in their younger likenesses.

  18. I don't like flashbacks man, I prefer when someone can just write a brutal screenplay, just a sheer masterpiece….
    but obviously we need flashbacks to make star wars work… I just hope that they're two things, tasteful & serious….

  19. I allways saw the sentence "Rey..these are your first steps" in the forcevision as something happening in real time, not in the past or future but there and then….and it referred to her first steps….which is the journy to meet the master……..the same as luke

  20. Its annoying how short your videos are, make longer videos, im not about to support you and give my subscription for 30 seconds of actual content, just MAKE BIGGER VIDEOS

  21. The flashback will take place at a Max Rebo led rehearsal, where a Yoda-Darth-Obiwan-Han barbership quartet is in rehearsal. The set looks like a Mos Eisley hairdressing salon.

    "Braid – these are your first steps"

  22. I see, Disney should begin back,Ewan McGregor,as obi wan,son,as obi wan Rey, and Luke was broght-up at, jaku…maybe,Rey had a Force vision, as she might had came across obi-wan, or a son, of obi wan…☺

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