Star Wars Episode 9 Big Hints Explained & Revealed! (Star Wars News)

Star Wars Episode 9 will serve as the big conclusion to the sequel trilogy in which it takes place well after star wars the last jedi by rian johnson, with jj abrams set to direct very soon! episode 9 will bring a return of characters, finn, poe, rey and kylo ren. However the biggest questions comes at the end of the last jedi in which luke skywalker states, the rebellion is reborn today!…exactly how will it be reborn you may ask? the new poe dameron comic gives us a big hint as to how it will be rebuilt for general leia and crew.


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  1. Well I hope the Rebellion doesn’t restart in the Sequel Trilogy & Episode IX because that is the #1 thing that I don’t like about the Sequel Trilogy right now, & I hope Lucasfilm & Disney drop that Rebels vs Empire 2.0 idea & I hope Lucasfilm gives us some good stuff to watch in Star Wars Episode IX like the New Republic & Resistance vs First Order.

  2. Personally I'll be glad when this whole thing is over, who honestly wanted another rebels vs empire thing? What should have been done is, 7 we get the three new characters, Rey Solo, Ben Skywalker and Finn Calrissian as Jedi at Luke's academy, we get the original group together one last time, Rey investigates the first order which is the remains of the empire and discovers that they are not really bad they're just scared snd confused. Leia is head of the new republic but is removed by her rival Senator Natasi Daala who finds out she's Vader's daughter. Plot to control the Jedi happens, Luke is banished, Rey ends up joining the first order, grey area like Got, her and Hux have a relationship and she becomes the apprentice of Snoke, First Order and New Republic go to war against each other, Han is killed. 8 Ben seeks to bring back Rey and Finn forms the Knights of Ren in honor of powerful Jedi named Ren which is comprised of rogue Jedi who don't want to be controlled by Daala. Snoke is revealed to be the Sith Lord Plagueis and purposely pitted the two sides against each other so they would be weak and no match for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion he leads, Leia is killed. 9 Both the first order and new republic fight against the Vong and win, Luke kills Plagueis but dies in the end. Hux becomes the new leader of the first order and he and Rey marry, Ben becomes leader of the new Jedi and Lando's wife becomes leader of the New Republic and the galactic triumvirate is born, The End.

  3. I do not know even one person, adult or child that is even slightly interested or looking forward to this next abomination

  4. Rian Johnson was supposed to be taking chances and risks but…40 years later it's STILL the rebellion? TLJ is less original than TFA

  5. Hopefully Rose will take a bullet before killing Poe.  They should've left her character dead after crashing her flyer into Finn's to save him.  It would've been a perfect ending to this character.

  6. I think it would be so cool if Kylo rebuilds a new Galactic Republic and it turns out that Rey and Poe and all of them are really the terrorists of the series. Would mind-fuck everyone.

  7. What are they going to do about Leia since Carrie fisher has sadly passed. Maybe a funeral in the beginning.

  8. Mike, I don't know if you played the recent Battlefront 2 – if not, I'm sorry for the SPOILERS – but in the end, the daughter of Iden Versio is tasked with getting the resistance forces from the Outer Rim to help Leia on Crait. Do you think this will play together with Poe's mission?

  9. Make Poe a Leia/Lando type of Character Disney

    A General and A Pilot with a squadron to destroying the last of the enemy's [First Order] final weapons.

    "All stories have to come to a end."

    Are you saying Poe will die in IX with the Black Squadron?

    Don't take it too seriously. Just a question.

  10. Everyone who is a Poe Dameron fan here needs to calm down these idiots don't know what they are talking about Kathleen Kennedy is to #1 Boss and she wants Poe Dameron to be in a bunch of other things after #9 so he isn't going to be killed or die okay. …………..I know this for a fact.

  11. Disney has about a snowball's chance in hell of pulling the mess which is SW in its current state out of its nosedive.

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