Star Wars Episode 9 Big News! Good Or Bad?

Lets go over some Star Wars Episode 9 news when it comes to the story and its script, so disney and lucasfilm has just brought Jack Thorne on board as the new writer for this film! many fans are questioning the reason to this decision and don’t exactly know if this is a good or bad thing so lets discuss.



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  2. sorry… but, its to late to really start from scratch. maybe some changes. but don't think she was that big in this one from the start…

  3. With the passing of Carrie Fisher I think they just needed a set of fresh eyes to rewrite the whole script without Leia? Maybe the original writers where to "focused" on theyre original plans and just couldnt adjust some part they "loved" to much to a story without her? For when it comes to changes – A set of fresh eyes is often a good thing. Johan.

  4. I'm really hoping one day someone releases the original scripts for the Sequels/Anthology films. So we can read Michael Ardnt's version of Episode VII, Gareth Edwards original vision for Rogue One, and see what Leia's role would have been in Episode IX.

  5. Probably a good move by Disney. Trevorrow and Connolly were so involved in the original script it, its possible they found pulling it apart to accommodate Fishers absence too difficult and needed a fresh pair of eyes. Thorne is great at writing realistic emotional scenes and has a great ear for language. All good imo.

  6. I don't know. While I have a strong feeling that Ep. 8 will be outstanding, for some reason I'm really anxious about Ep. 9. (This is without knowing anything in particular about the directors or writers of either of the films, except for Rian Johnson, whom I trust and have deep sympathy for after every Interview and leaked snippets I have watched.) It's just a gut feeling …

  7. To me this is another indication that Kylo Rem will turn to the light if leia was supposed to be a significant role it may be she was the key factor to him turning good

  8. The movie is going to end the same way episodes II and V ended. Someone losing a limb. Romance (boys I know it's who want that) and the bad guys getting the upper hand as the heroes take one for the team. Finally a big revealed.

    Luke never had children or Rey is from two bloodline both dark and light. Luke never wanting to train his nephew and knew the truth before Leia ever did about Snoke. Snoke is from another galaxy. Snoke has been the puppet master since before the Force.

    Just throwing possible stock out there don't hold me to them. These are from the top of my head.

  9. I would expect that they're going to have him edit and change a few things. I would guess and I think it's safe to Guess that the story was completed in written before Fisher died. so I would expect that they need to rewrite some of the Story 2 both remove her character gracefully and keep the storyline like it should be in order for the movie to work

  10. With the death of Carrie Fischer, the script probably needed a big overhaul to the point of where an outside eye is a good idea, if for no other reason to give it a fresh perspective not caught in grief.

  11. I KNOW! I KNOW! It's the Star Wars/Star Trek: Crossover everyone in the Sci Fi worlds been WAITING for….Finally, to put rest the advanced technological superiority of Prime Universe/ Or early JJ Abramsverse ST: Starfleet Mil-spec goodies as an ENT E, or Revamped section 31 USS Vengeance mk2 wipes the floor with a couple of 1st Order ISDs !!! KA-BOOM BITCH!!! Get some photon/ Quantum Torpedoes! TAKE THAT SW FANOBI !!!

  12. No! No! Seriously now! If the Star Wars FanOBI care a lot about the future of Star wars. They should get a petition going to Disney to have Timothy Zahn do some of the writing, or some of the other expanded universe authors who actually did a fantastic job continuing the series in paperback …..

  13. Jack Thorne wrote the script book of Harry Potter The Cursed Child. AND he did a wonderful job on it and I bet he will with Star Wars Episode IX.

  14. I just don't see any promise for episodes 8 and 9. The direction it's taking. Rehashing material we are already familiar with . Star wars has been on death row since 1999. It's just sliding down hill. There's nothing unique about the force awakens with the whole ripoff of a new hope. Speeders going after the ATAT in the trailer is sign of stealing "Empire strikes back" material and also Luke training Rey with a yoda style on a degobah type world. I'll go see the "last" jedi when it comes out but it might be the "last" star wars movie I'll ever watch then I'm done with star wars forever, unless this movie proves me wrong. it's going to flop, but it will make money anyways. Just like the transformers franchise, just making billions of dollars from garbage. Kathleen Kennedy will destroy Lucasfilm if she's not careful, but she will.

  15. The decision was made because of the bad reception of the latest film by Colin Trevorrow 'Book of Henry' and knowing Kathleen Kennedy is like a bitch trying to protect every little detail and front, it is obviously a way to give the critics fresh air and also as a way to distract us. The story won't change at all, Princess Leia won't be on Episode IX, there's no discussion about that and let's wait for Rian Johnson unexpected story first.

  16. Why do they all suck now? Why does every new movie suck? Why does the whole world suck now? What is going on?

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