Star Wars Episode 9 Big News Of Kylo Ren! Potential Spoilers & More

Lets go over some star wars news involving star wars episode 9 by jj abrams which comes after star wars the last jedi by rian johnson. We will be going over an update for the character of kylo ren portrayed by adam driver. This may have star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers of course so be aware.


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  2. Dear god they really are winging this thing. No ducking planning. Now Finn should have a lightsaber. Got it! Lol, what a fucking shit show.

  3. The last time Finn fought Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base in "The Force Awakens", he was severely injured.

  4. If the beginning of 9 was Rey waking up from a dream after the first day she met Luke. Then I will forgive.
    The only way I would.
    Come on, JJ, make it happen.

  5. So both Rey and Finn get to kick Kylos butt, yippee, can‘t wait to watch this walk in the park in which nothing is at stake because the bad guy is already a looser!

  6. Does Rose also get to kick Kylo’s butt as well? That is all we need to complete this stink fest

  7. I can't stand Adam driver, he looks like an inbred aberration. He constantly looks like he's about to mope and cry about not being asked to the prom, because he's 32 years old. I can't take him seriously in any role he plays. He's like an emo humanized version of jar jar.

  8. BTW, absolutely no spoilers here, we know Kylo is going to get his ass whipped by anyone who knows how to turn on a lightsaber! New moves, WOW, that really does it for me! Fuuuucccck!!

  9. finn's TFA add'l litesaber scenes were cut. curious what they would have been like, or if theyd have reframed him as being force sensitive vs trained stormtrooper w/various weapons. in either case, if finn duels with ren in 9 it would imo only be cool if it turned out hes been training in the force [beg. of 9 somewhere]

    and romance wise, if there hasnt been a romance by now, there aint gonna be any at all in 9 – from a prequel point of view. although, in the OT we only see han and leia's happen, in the 3rd movie, so … anything can happen still.

    poe, to rey, about kylo ren "you love him. Don't you. Ok. When he comes back – i won't get in the way"

    Rey "no, haha, it's not like that — he's my brother". XD

  10. Rey doesn’t need training because she won against Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren&Stimpy. The girl gets around, she’s going to be on the Jerry Springer show. “You are the father!”

  11. The romantic pairing is Rey and Kylo Ren and has been from the beginning. Kylo was set off my Rey's rejection and no matter what he says, he only is saying it because he is wounded. He has feelings for her. On her end, like the book said, she is going to wait for him to come around. She tries to denies her feelings, but she has them. They are going to be together no matter how this ends. It's easy for me to see at this point.

  12. Oh yeah, and the only thing they did have planned for sure since the beginning was Rey and Kylo Ren romantic pairing. Most general audience people are not going to guess it, but those of us who have seen it and are familiar with romance narratives and read a TON of novels, catch it. It's going to happen whether people like it or not (I do happen to dig it, so I am all on board and it MAKES sense. Brings everything full circle).

  13. Spoiler Alert… it will be total shit and I will never pay to see any Star Wars movie in the theater ever again.

  14. Fans have wanted to see a rematch? Wtf?!🙈😂

    Finn never should have held the light sabre, unless there was a TonTon to cut open or something.

    PS. These two are TERRIBLE characters

  15. So the emo guy in touch with his feminist side will duke it out with the comedy relief guy. I am soooo hyped for that. Almost as hyped as I am for a Jar Jar Binks and Rose Ticko team-up movie.

  16. In the ' force awakens ", There was no doubt that a huge attraction started between Kylo Ren and Rey. This 1st movie was far better than '" the last Jedi" who was a movie complately confused and notre solid like the first one. In épisode 9, i suppose that after 5 years of a secret great love between Rey and Kylo, an hidden child would be result of this great love. (Rey would hide the child TO Kylo . When he Will discover this betrayed, he will be angry for sure. After that, are they going to became enemys despite the love they will continue to have each other? We will see. I am happy that it is JJ who will make this movie. In " the force awakens " the beginning of their romance was subtil and very beautiful. I hope he will continue in the same way.

  17. I'm all in favor in the re-match with this jerk if Kylo kills off the worst cast in SW …if Kylo kills off Finn….I ready to forget the mess this trilogy is, even forget Ryan

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