Star Wars Episode 9 Big Reveal Coming Soon & More! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9! this past week we have been going over potential star wars episode 9 spoilers that originated from the big star wars episode 9 plot leak, however today we learned that Keri Russell will be involved in star wars episode 9 most likely as the character of mara. Could it be mara jade from the eu? maybe a big maybe. Also a big announcement is set to come for star wars episode 9 by the end of this month so hang tight! i personally am curious as to how jj abrams will wrap up the skywalker saga. We have also heard that lando calrissian will be in star wars episdode 9 which is great to hear to have billy dee williams involved again since return of the jedi. Kylo Ren and Rey are set for a major return to close the skywalker saga.


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  1. Mike, I know I’m going out on a limb here but maybe they will say it’s not the final film..? I remember at one point they were saying they wanted to get away from the trilogy format… 4 films isn’t a trilogy. I also remember hearing leaks of a “secret film”. Just a thought.

  2. I like BIG reveals!!! 😀 :O I'm already feel exiting about that!!! 😀 Whatever they will announce about Episode lX i will be shocked as hell :O

  3. if you think bob iger talked about Kathleen kennedy behind her back in a public board meeting talking about firing her then your dumb that's not how businesses run

  4. If they are going to do flashback sequences using Keri Russell as Mara Jade (sp), than get Sebashtain Stan to play a younger Luke!!!

  5. Announcing the film will be split into 2 parts in order to finish up the saga without rushing it.

  6. Rey s lineage: Padmé s grand niece. Padmé s Sister have had 2 daughrers : I suppose one ou this 2 , is Rey s Mother .

  7. Well I hope we get a variety of action figures and not all main characters we have enough of them,

  8. Luke could have had a JEDI VISION of the future which gives them room to bring him back… this would save the franchise.

  9. Do some justice to character development and split the movie in two… even though I CAN NOT BELIEVE DISNEY DID JOT HAVE A PLAN FOR ONE OF THE BIGGEST FRANCHISES OF ALL TIME, and wish that RJ and Mark Hamill are trolling us, I am starting to lose faith on this theory!

  10. Disney and the powers that be owe Mark Hamill a GIGANTIC APOLOGY and they need to bring Luke Skywalker back in a triumphant way. I'm still so pissed at what Rian Johnson did to Mark Hamill in the Last Jedi. So rotten. So wrong!

  11. I trusted Disney and was led to believe Luke in TLJ would be wise, special, and not the fallen hero, force-less, quitter, blah, blah. It might make sense from a purely academic point of view, but I was burned badly. Luke?, Mara?, Lando?, look… Han's back! It's all just bait and switch PR spin designed to get asses in seats opening weekend. I'll pass.

  12. If JJ wants to draw the fans in–the trailer needs to consist of second to none, high-quality, powerful lightsaber dueling. 20 seconds. That would do it for me.

  13. Well we all know how well the prequel trilogy was loved, so tieing it into IX will be a great success and warmly welcomed. NOT!

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