Star Wars Episode 9 Exciting News & More! Details Revealed

Lets go over some star wars episode 9 news! we got star wars the last jedi coming up as well as the star wars the last jedi trailer but the recent news has been the firing of director Colin Trevorrow for star wars 9. We go over some updates and exciting news.



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  1. 16 years ago our nation was attacked, but the american spirit will never be broken. Least we forget the brave people who died, who helped a stranger in the rumble and the families who lost a loved one on that day. #Americastrong

  2. Hopefully this film (IX) gets delayed to December 2019, just like VII and VIII. I love having the Star Wars + Christmas combo. Can't wait for this next one!

  3. I don't care about the Han Solo movie, it was a shitty mistake. Nobody can play Han except Harrison Ford! To have anybody else would be an insult to the character

  4. I was in fourth grade when 9111 happened. The principal did the announcements as usual but two minutes latter the principal told us to turn on the TV that was in the class room. My teacher turned on the T.V. and we saw the second plane it the tower and the room went silent. I will never forget the brave people who helped others out of the ashes of the tower and the pentagon and the brave souls who gave there lives for people they didn't know. And the brave people on flight 93 who fought to keep their nation safe. #weareallamericans

  5. Kathleen Kennedy has illuminated power and doesn't care about you. No one asked for nor wants a Han Solo movie. Her smile makes me puke

  6. Cool.
    I don't like it when people can't work together to find a solution to there problems. Hope it don't screw it all up.
    Good job.

  7. its official……..
    MIKE zerohs actually stopped talking about the Last Jedi, for a couple of hours
    wonder what EXCITING NEWS he has for us next………

  8. it's scary how little creative freedom is given to those directors…both movies will be pushed back, meeting those deadlines is not realistic…. Force awakens was so bad, i don't see how new movies can be good if everything is so fixed….stop repeating same old formula, star wars franchise is not cash cow…make something original and daring…

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