Star Wars Episode 9 Exciting News & More!

Lets go over some star wars episode 9 news that has to do with a star wars the force awakens extra and the director of star wars episode 9. Star Wars The Last Jedi is right around the corner and fans are so exciting for its release but it seems star wars 9 may have some tricks up its sleeve.




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  1. Mike Charlie here where can I get those books at you never answered that question for me and I get him at Target? And keep up the good work on educating us and informing us I should say by the way I don't know if I told you that I blew in front tire on my Jeep and went off a 250 ft cliff Sitting in the bed with a little spinal damage but other than that I am walking now but keep up the good work hope to hear from you have a major Force day on Monday

  2. Mike another Food For Thought is that where a sith Temple of importance was where he learned his stuff from his master

  3. Episode 9 must truly end the complete saga in my opinion.

    Return of the Jedi already kinda did, but I really want it to end it right now. On the other side more Star Wars is always cool, but we got the anthology movies for that and I'm fine with that

  4. Cool.
    Sounds like more happening on Jacou than we realize. If Rey was left there because it was a safe place to hide gifted kids then there might be more like Rey or other force sensitive object hidden there.
    Good job.

  5. Rey: Finn guess where we are heading
    Finn: I don't know where?
    Luke (smiling evilly): Jakku
    Finn: You got to be KIDDING me!

  6. I am currently halfway the Star Wars Aftermath : Empire's End book and what I currently know from it is that Gallius Rax is stationed on a base on Jakku by order of the emperor right before he died .
    Grand Admiral Rae Sloane is hunting him down with the help of Brentin Wexley and Niima the Hutt .
    So I hope there's gonna be a refference to that because it's a great book with an awesome storyline .

  7. I think that Rey will go back to Jakku because Snoke will order her to seak for this secret facility and kill everyone who are in the Nima outpost.
    That's because Rey will become a new dark apprentice of Snoke.

  8. Returning to Abu Dabi to film Jakku is since we find little about SNOKES background in Ep.8 according to Rian. Whereas IMO this is where the force "kicks back", set in motion after fall of rule of two. Snoke rises to fill the gap and the FO is born. Said too many times, Lord Kaan/Quin Vos merge, spirit and living force in one body. This is in the Emperors secret control base and Archaeological dig he holds so much stead upon.

  9. Just because they are going to film in Abu Dhabi for episode 9 doesn't mean they going back to Jakku. I had a feeling this would happen in order fulfill Han Solo prophecy "you know you going to die here too. Convenient!" Like Yoda passing away on his home planet, Luke to will return to Tatooine, his home to pass away and become one with the force. "this is way of the force, strong am I but not that strong". I'm can't wait for these last two movies of this new trinity series, WIA, SNOKE IS A FRAUD AND NOT A REAL FORCE WIELDER!

  10. Yeah, I strongly, strongly suspect something very critical is going on with Jakku, and whatever it is, somehow relates to Rey as well.

    Sidious had a secret installation there (it's still there evidently.) The final battle between the Empire and Rebellion was fought there. Gallius Rax had a super important moment there at Sidious' behest (without spoiling what for those who haven't read the books.) Sidious said Jakku had in the past, and would again in the future, be of great importance to the galaxy.

    Rey just, coincidentally, being extremely force sensitive, not knowing her origins, and being on Jakku… cannot be a coincidence imo. Something big, secret, and probably very dark is happening on Jakku.

  11. luke, rey, kylo and the knights of ren, vader, palpatine, and snoke will all have a connection here on jakku. this is where the final showdown will happen in episode 9. trust my words on this. now, I must get away from youtubes for a while. a double bacon jalapeno & mushroom swiss cheeseburger is calling out to me, summoning my presence.

  12. Maybe Unkar might have something of Rey's family like a data-pad on them like their ship and where they were from, and where they were going before leaving Rey on Jakku. Ooh, that's is going to be one hell of a movie. I can't wait to learn episode IX title.

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