Star Wars Episode 9 Exciting News – The War To End All Wars & More!

Today we go over some star wars episode 9 news since john Boyega spoke about the film briefly at new york comic con today, we learned a tiny bit of star wars episode 9, with star wars the last jedi arriving soon, its always still exciting to hear a tiny bit about the final film in the sequel trilogy, star wars episode 9 is set for December 2019. This is great stuff to hear just before the star wars the last jedi trailer is set to drop on monday.



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  1. Mike, final fight between Snoke and Luke has to be like this: Luke, Rey and Kylo join forces vs Snoke…they take out his guards and he’s trapped in his throne room. Doors open and into the room enters a cloned VADER… ….cloned MAUL….it’s on! 3 on 3, no force holds barred….pandemonium!

  2. It depends on the writers. If it's co-written by Lawrence Kasdan, Alex Garland, and David Peoples, it would be a good story.

  3. I have been telling you see no 4th trilogy there is is a story and it is being told with 9 main movies and a bunch of stand alone like George Lucas intended

  4. I don't think that this "war to end all wars" will mean the end of Star Wars. I just think that future movies will focus on smaller-scale stories rather than wars for the fate of the Galaxy.

  5. The no one cares to end all no one cares. Mike you rock, star wars rocks, but after this trilogy its time….. I used to read star wars books in the 90s. And honestly most stories basically killed Luke for some reason…. But never really did. To me star wars will always be about Luke's journey. Rey works for me though. Maybe its a story without ending…. Ok star wars.

  6. So, it's going to go full circle? I wonder if that means that since JJ is directing Episode IX will be full of questions that have NO hope of getting answered. That's my prediction for the movie. I'll give JJ a chance to see whether The Force Awakens was a deal where he couldn't answer some questions, the jury is out on this one. JJ, we're watching you.

  7. Geez Mike you put so much effort into this over the last year and the movie will reveal all! I hope all this fan fiction comes true otherwise I can't see Disney hiring you…I would love to have you working closely with the movies personally! Your passion and hard work should be rewarded! Very much appreciated you deserve the job!

  8. Mike , he is English so by saying that he has no clue about who lives and who dies cause it's the final film . They say you save the best for last so the ending of TLJ must end with more questions then TFA . Disney leaves people hanging with oh no unsatisfied questions about every important charcherter and who will triumph the light or the dark . Episode 9 makes as much money as possible but I do believe if the next 2 movies are amazing then that's it !! All good things come to a end !! Episode 9 ends with a bang but obvious a happy ending it's Diseny !!

  9. It's obvious that it's hinting at biblical proportions, the war to end all wars, that's why I don't get to attached to SW all day every day, I just want to see Rey and Kylo Ren have a peaceful life together with at least a child in the end of the movies, to create peace in the galaxy it takes two. ??

  10. Disney are never going to wrap the saga up without at least leaving the possibility of continuing with it because Star Wars=£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££. They are a business and a successful one at that and they don't dump a brand until they've squeezed every available drop of potential profit they can out of it.

    That's the reason the Star wars films are full of fan service (unnecessary scenes of C3P0 and R2 D2 and Evazan and Baba in Rogue One?? = ££££££££££££) and visual images ( new Tie fighters that look almost exactly like the old ones = £££££££, 'gorilla walkers' attacking a resistance base = ££££££££££££, Starkiller Base aka as suped up Death Star = £££££££££££) all taken straight out of past films and it's the reason why you can bet your mortgage that the Jedi won't actually 'end' ('Jedi' = £££££££££) and Luke won't be the last named Skywalker in this series ('Skyywalker' = £££££££££).

  11. In real life History, WWI was known as “the war to end all wars” so going by this, it could end up opening an entirely new can of worms, thus starting a new Saga

  12. The war to end all wars is a reference to World War I. So he is merely saying it's going to be akin to the bloodbath and trench warfare that was our First World War. It is really no more complicated than that. I don't begin to understand how a WWI reference turned into no more trilogies other than mike just bullshitting to get clicks. This was stupid "analysis".

  13. Hey Mike zero you want to know what I think for the one part that you said for all wars I think it's come from the Old Republic that's what I think buy some of the other YouTubers that I watched they talked about the Old Republic I don't know if you seen it where they had big Wars where all the bad Jedis and good Jedis were fighting against each other maybe that's what Fen that's all I think that it would happen going back in that old war video that I seen for my YouTube people check in it if you haven't checked in it yet it's a cool video where it shows all the Jedis the good Jetta S versus the dark side checking it if you haven't seen it okay

  14. Hi ich habe eine Frage und zwar habe ich mir gerade Episode 7 von Star Wars angesehen und zwar verstehe ich nicht dass der Sohn von Han Solo zu Darth Vader Großvater sagt aber solo ist ja keine Art mit Darth Vader verwandt bitte helfe mir

  15. Ready to see Luke and Snoke in a epic battle in episode 9 that will top all the battles in the Star Wars Series!

  16. I hope episode 9 will be strictly a war movie! Now, I'm not saying they are going to go the "Game of Thrones" route but I don't want a safe last Battle.

  17. Just an idea I have, but much like Jon Snow said in Game of Thrones that the real war was with the Army of the dead, the real war is with the Sith, not the First Order. The Sith have always been the enemy. Weird idea, but there is some truth to that.

  18. I can tell he hasn't watched Pacific Rim. John Boyega wasn't in the first film Mike. When you get time watch it. It's pretty entertaining film.

  19. "war to end all wars" safe to say thats just a hyperbole. Just means for some reason he thinks Episode 9 is going to center around a massive war story. dont think it actually means it is a war to end all wars. After 5000 years of human history and
    literally hundreds of wars from Ancient Persia to well … LOL… modern 'Persia' (Iran) we know theres no such thing. And thats
    just all on one planet. Youd never have a war to end 'ALL' wars in something as huge as a galaxy. just an expression. nothing more.

  20. "A war to end all wars" tells me this will conclude the main Star Wars story line (the episodes focusing on the Skywalker family). I think that would be awesome and I hope that's the case. One of the powerful aspects of a story is having a definite ending in mind vs. endless sequels. I do think though that we can still get many more Star Wars stories without more trilogies (such as an Obi-Wan movie, Han Solo movie, Darth Vader movie perhaps or a Luke Skywalker movie, etc.). I hope episode 9 concludes the trilogies or at the least concludes them for several years.

  21. If I recall it correctly the first world war was sometimes doubled "The war that was going to end all war"and we all know that it did not. So that hint should not be taken as any garantee that there will be a everlasting peace in a galaxy far far away after EP IX. Also: Is I am the only one thinking that "The war to end all wars" would be a really good and interesting title for that movie? Is it possible that he hinted the coming title? Or a working title at least? Johan.

  22. I think the main story should end at 9, but they can have spin offs. I for one would love to see a Luke Skywalker film based after ROJ between TFA, just to see Luke's adventures and see him grow powerful in the force. I would also love to see a Palpatine trilogy how he got to where he was in Phantom Menace, all the behind the door stuff. I

  23. Only makes sense that they would try to one-up anything done before in the Star Wars universe. Obviously it was anything but smooth sailing for the galaxy after the Battle of Endor and the collapse of the Empire. Maybe it's time to truly bring peace to that galaxy far far away. This has me looking forward to some epic battle scenes.

  24. they should have just started a new trilogy in the first place ,i hope they dont make no more episodes of the original trilogy ,end it at episode 9 .make new stories or past stories

  25. I know alot of people here aren't too keen on JJ Abram. While I have nothing against the works of JJ Abram I am dissapointed that they didn't even consider Peter Jackson for this role. He would be great for this trilogy!!!!!

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