Star Wars Episode 9 ‘Finn Inside The Falcon’ Teaser Breakdown | Time Jump Confirmed?

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  1. I think it will open like episode six did with Luke being a full blown Jedi I think rey will be a full blown Jedi maybe she will have been trained by Luke as a Force ghost it's not impossible for him to still train her

  2. I sure hope you’re right and they “correct” much of TLJ. Luke lives! Rey has important parents and it’s actually a fun Star Wars film again like the original. Maybe JJ was listening to the fans and Mark H. and actually wrote a satisfying conclusion with proper character development.

  3. Episode 8, Finn was on an acid trip and the whole thing was an illusion! If they open up episode 9 with that I would take it and accept it!

  4. I hope it ends the trilogy just as good as it started off with The Force Awakens! Also I'm very interested in your ranking of all 8 episodes how do you rank them?

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