Star Wars Episode 9 (IX) Exciting News!!

Today we have some Star Wars Episode 9 News (Star Wars Episode IX) today thanks to the which you can read the full story below.



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  1. I'm happy about this now but it will probably just mean we will get to see Luke skywalker die in even better quality, so yay I guess

  2. I bet EPISODE Nine will be just like the BluRay version crisp and clear. Making me see a BluRay Version which it's totally 65mm. I can't wait for Episode IX!! In about two years from now. I'm thinking of re-watching ALL 7 like a marathon for both VIII AND IX before I see it on a 65mm screen if it's IMAX clear. No 3D for me. For both.

  3. I'm curious.. Do you (guys) think Darth Vader/Sidious and the Galactic Empire and or Kylo Ren and the First Order would defeat or be strong enough to take on the heroes of the Marvel/DC universe? Question is just for fun lol

  4. I completely agree with you about Trevorrows shooting and direction skills (ie Jurrasic Park was shot wonderfully and Safety not Guaranteed was good too) . I am also happy that Rian Johnson is involved in the screenwriting because I don't rate Trevorrow highly with screenplays (ie Jurrasic Park didn't have a great screenplay). Rian Johnson is a better screenwriter (ie Looper, Brick). I think the combination of Trevorrow and Rian Johnson will be perfect.

  5. Hey mike quick question has it come to mind that real reason Luke hand doesn't have skin? Maybe cause it's a lightsaber that can change it's shape? That's right the new flavor for lightsabers is metamorphic?

  6. Thank you for this exciting information! It sounds like it will be so visually stunning and I can't wait to see the new format!!! ♥ Star Wars!!

  7. You "can't imagine what it's going to look like". LOL. Sully was filmed on an Alexa 65MM, they've been around for a while now. This is not big or exciting. Maybe read up on lenses, sensor sizes, native resolutions before you shoot your load. True IMAX is still better at this point. not a camera guy I take it?

  8. Heard a rumor that after Episode 9 there will be no more Trilogy's only more spin offs, this could be cool if done the right way for example make spin of movies that are not prequels I am so sic and tired of Prequels is it to much to ask for sequels lets move forward not back Jeez.

  9. star wars 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . then the a star wars story rogue one a star wars story, solo a star wars story,boba fett a star wars story,lord vader a star wars story,Kenobi a star wars story, Darth maul a star wars story and finnaly skywalker a star wars story. all confirmed star wars movies😃

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