Star Wars Episode 9 Leaked Details Explained! Potential Spoilers (Star Wars News)

Lest go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9, this will include some star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers of course that connects to the big star wars episode 9 plot leak we went over 2 months ago. This will have to do with some of the sequel trilogy characters and a specific location.


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  1. I have never cared less about a sequel in my life. This new trilogy is dead to me. It was badly injured in JJ's lame ass episode 7, but still rescuable. The Last Jedi straight up murdered the story. And remember, JJ Abrams praised Johnson's script. He's just as much to blame. Given JJ's past directorship, I have no faith that he can stick the landing. He'll probably crash this plane and blame the passengers afterward.

  2. I think the only way to save it is make an episode 9 part 1 and 2
    Not enough time to fix this train wreck in one movie

  3. Sounds like JJ Abrams is going to have to simultaneously make an all original star wars film, and correct and reboot the problem areas of the last Jedi. Thanks Rian Johnson, you made someone else's job harder!

  4. Lest we forget, Padme was not the only key character featured from Naboo, and I don't mean Darth Jar-Jar… Palpatine! If you are to tie in the prequels he would surely need more than a quick mention in TLJ!
    And according to Wikipedia, he is this year on the payroll over at star wars rebels… Playing the self same character… Just a thought…

  5. The only way to make Luke the most powerful Jedi ever once again is to have HIM be the Jedi that reconstitutes his physical body and comes back. That's always been the goal for the Jedi since Quigon learned the technique from the Whills. OG Star Wars fans know this.

  6. Kathleen: "It was I who ruined Star Wars and earn all that CASH! Oh, I'm afraid, that my plan to ruin Episode IX will be quite operational!"

  7. My thoughts on how XIII could’ve been great. Leia dies after getting blown into space. Her death is felt by Luke who then decides to rejoin the fight. Her death also angers Kylo who then loathes Snoke. Nix the whole canto storyline or use it to re introduce Lando, but not as a dumb code breaker. Get rid of the Maz scene entirely…it’s just silly. Luke follows Rey to Snokes ship and a showdown ensues. Rey is seriously wounded maybe Snoke is killed.

    I dunno…just some ideas

  8. This sequel story already is burned out. No real story and or characters progression. Back then when the original trilogy we didn't care if Luke, Han and Leia were at, yet at the ROJ we went back to tattooine to save Han From Jabba and oh sure was good but it could've been at the Las Vegas Stip and wouldn't make the difference because it was a good script. So the new revolutionary story telling is let's go back to that place… and download it at Instagram 😒

  9. There is zero chance he came up with an inspired story that could reverse the damage done by TLJ, while under pressure in such a short time. It will be either be a train wreck, or incredibly safe and boring.

  10. After watching this video i am really getting excited for them mixing the old with the new. Cant wait to see episode IX! 😀

  11. If the movie ends with Ben and Rey getting married with the droids as witnesses on naboo I will be so pissed lol

  12. It's not so much of boycott for me either. I Grew up loving the original Trilogy and embraced the Prequel Trilogy and accepted it. But they all had George Lucas at the helm. Disney Star Wars has broken off from his version of Star Wars and his vision. It's an ugly divorce at best and a nasty one. So Sorry ! it's a no go for me on Episode 9. I am truly disappointed with this new trilogy and the course it took. Bring on Obi Wan, and Bad ass Boba movies and hopefully a good Tv series by the Games of Thrones writers. But this New Trilogy is just dead in the water.

  13. I want Star Wars Episode 9 to preserve the franchise for future generations.

    I want to see a Star Wars in episode 2045 (maybe after a break). I want to sit there with my children and say “yea I remember seeing all these movies opening night because I’m a die hard Star Wars fan forever”

  14. what is star wars?
    none of it is real, like real life it's a matrix… it's simply a young slave anakin Skywalker alone with no dreams of getting off tattooine and so in his spare time imagines himself in all these missions and being a Jedi to a with and the future… because at those moments of free time and as he gets older he'll have different emotions, of course he wants to be the chosen one but when he fucks up he just has to keep going.. it's all a poor boys big dreams.

    same as Luke could have been a much younger friend of anakin and they used to both talk about big dreams and imagine they were father and son and done all these crazy things all over the galaxy….

  15. I don't know if it's been brought up in the comments yet, but what about Palpatine? I don't know too much of his history, but wasn't he the Chancellor of Naboo? Or something, maybe he was from Naboo. I think that would be a cool reason to visit.. something Palpatine related. Even if something small.

  16. In my opinion The Force Awakens was not a very good film and the Last Jedi just made it worse. Disney should have put more care and been more cautious with this franchise.

  17. So totally makes sense to go back to the place that we saw in the beginning of 8 that was just destroyed by the first order… seems like a dumb ass idea….

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