Star Wars Episode 9 Leaked Details Revealed! Potential Spoilers & More

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9! we will be going into some star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers of course involving a returning place for episode 9 quite possibly by jj abrams that could be significant for the character of kylo ren.


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  1. Ha ha ha Ha! Wow! Star Wars has been ruined. Disney is going to pack every ounce of nostalgia they can in this out of desperation. Never getting a penny from me.

  2. Mike Zeroh: how much is Disney paying you to cuck Star Wars???

    It’s opinions like yours that have fucked these films up on such a grandiose scale, it’s impossible to recover…yet you push for more visual bullshit.

    Here’s an idea: how about they just tell a good, coherent, dramatically engaging story, that drives the characters enough so that we actually give a shit about them and consequently their visual surroundings? All flashy scenes and no story is just a soulless movie made for an ADD generation.

    I dunno…just a fucking thought.

  3. In the first part of the film, or through flashback, it's probable Kylo will be going to different places in search of knowledge,truth, strenght, inspiration, etc.: then to Mustafar, Naboo, Tattoine, etc. Rey could do the same travelling to Tattoine, (where Luke, Kenobi, Anakin lived), Ach-to, Naboo with Leia, and so on. This way the prequels could be connected to the last trilogy while the characters try to rebuild their past, the truth of the facts.

  4. We need to see Luke Anakin Obi Wan Yoda and Snoke to be Plagueis alive and revealed as the creator of Anakin and the Skywalker bloodline

  5. if this is the end of the Skywalkers then there should be no more Star Wars..they should name it something else..All of the 9 Star Wars Movies are about the Skywalkers and if Luke doesn't come back alive and kicking butt, I think this movie will be a collosal disappointment to many Star Wars fans

  6. the new Star Wars heroes have none of the Charisma of the original 3 or even the Prequel heroes…I smell a major dissapointment

  7. Do Kylo even know that Darth Vader turned back to light? I bet he doesn't know why his grandfather turned dark in the first place, it was mainly because he was seduced believing becoming dark would save Padme(his grandma) from dying. Which in reality killed her. Also the Jedi masters sort of betrayed Anakin. I can see Kylo being turned off by that and just becoming grey.

  8. There should be a lot of legacy characters coming back for this one. I want to see Yoda, Anakin and Obi-Wan. Luke should be brought back as a Force Ghost or in Flashback scenes… but of course if they can bring him back in the flesh, that would be awesome.

  9. Things the new movie needs: a pan to a planet and ship after the opening crawl, an arm being cut off, narrow catwalks with no railings over a bottomless drop, stormtroopers shooting but missing, a lightsaber duel, someone saying "I've got a bad feeling about this", something being described as "complete", someone speaking an alien language and being understood by non-speakers, R2-D2 beeping, C-3PO saying "Oh my", "Oh dear" or "Oh no", a Wilhelm scream, a venue (cantina, club, bar, casino, arena) filled with aliens, a high-speed chase, …

  10. Star Wars is a gold mine when/if they switch over to more darkside content in the movies. Kylo should have taken over Vader's lair, and he should have the same fate as Vader in the next movie. He'll never be bigger than Vader if Vader get his own movie, so let Rey chop him down and turn him to a better Vader.

  11. If what JJ's doing impacts all 9 movies, it'll be the last nail in the IP's coffin. I'm not interested in seeing this happen and I certainly won't be paying to see it.

  12. Mike, thanks for not making this channel political. It's hard enough to say you disliked The Last Jedi without being labeled a white right wing male nut but, some of the channels regarding Star Wars help to fuel the fire and make it look like we are nuts. I've always supported Lucasfilm even though, I did not like The Last Jedi.

  13. Kylo beats Rey so Luke beats Kylo to save her with nothing but a laser sword. He wasn't really dead last time but this time he definitely will be. Lando flies the Falcon into the sunset. As to Leia, you made such a foul mess that to make amends you need to fix her yourself, Disney, without any more help from me, using your own ideas.

  14. i dont know…they really fucked up this wonderful story…could have been so much more…I really dont care anymore

  15. Didn't you predict that Episode 8 had an opening scene with Luke facing down The Knights of Ren?
    It's good click bait but you talk utter horse crap.

  16. What do you mean last movie of the trilogy? They won't make anymore StarWars?! WTF. Or am I not getting it?

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