Star Wars Episode 9 Luke’s Return Confirmed! & More

Lets go over something very exciting about luke skywalker, the jedi master who returned in star wars the last jedi by rian johnson, many people did not agree with rians approach to the character and have been wondering of his return for star wars episode 9 by jj abrams. Now all thanks to a known device his confirmation of his return has surfaced, supposedly a similar thing happened with frank oz and his return as yoda for star wars the last jedi.




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  1. Although i keep up with ep9 news and stuff probably out of curiosity, i have no intention of seeing the movie.

  2. Well I certainly wouldn't like to see Luke Skywalker come back to life, as I think the divide between life and death is a descicive one, personally (but I'm sure some christians out there would disagree with me). I would like to see him back as a force ghost, and I think he could play a descisive part in that capacity, just like the force ghost of Obi One was influentual to Luke in part V. I think Mark Hammill isn't trough with Starwars and I think his influence might pull some weight around, but I have no clue as to where the sequal might go from here. I lack the needed insight in and knowledge of the Starwars world to predict anything as to where JJ Abrams might take all of this, but I know there should be some twist or turn to pull this whole project off. As I said before there should be a return to hope for the Starwars world, no matter if Rey turns to the dark side and Kylo vice versa or not. I'll keep my eyes open and my mind sharp, wondering how they'll solve the various dilemma's.

  3. Oooh I can't wait for the next movie! Will be awesome to see how it goes, there was so much against the heroes and everything looked so bad, and then it went even worse.. Thanos really kicked some ass in that movie!

  4. Last film was dog shit ! I just want a great movie this time sticking to original characters and stars wars plot !!! Disney you trying to kill off the franchise and move it to your idea is not on !!!

  5. Its science fiction, they can bring like and solo back any explanation they want.
    Luke could have just left the rock in a hurry and left the shirt there.

  6. So they're bringing him back so they can screw it up even more?

    OR they can simply ignore largely what happened in ep. 8 that may actually help things up a little.

  7. Thank you Mister Abrams for joining Luke Skywalker again in Episode 9. He is the greatest character and hero in the Star Wars universe, without him Star Wars would not have a meaning. He is the most powerful Force user and Jedi ever to exist in Star Wars Universe. He is the Ingression of the hero and may not fall on any case. It is also confirmed that Obi Wan, Yoda, Lando and Snoke are in Episode 9. That makes me very happy and gives me hope again. Mister Abrams you are the best Thank you.

  8. I'd love to see Luke as a Force Ghost as well as Obi Wan Kenobi, and of course, Yoda. Even Anakin Skywalker would bring an interesting tie in for Kylo Ren.

  9. The only thing that's acceptable to me is LUKE SKYWALKER ALIVE. Anything less Will be unsatisfactory for me, PERIOD!!!! But Kathleen Kennedy MUST GO ASAP!! Or were DOOMED!!! She has single handedly destroyed OVER 30 years of STARWARS, in less than what 3 or 4 years. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!! HABITUAL LYER!!!!!!! Great channel an content. Scott

  10. I dont want some stupid force ghost or a flash back. They can fix it by having Finn waking up and it was a dream or Snoke seeing a vision.

  11. Let me guess: he comes back as a force ghost to offer her guidance and wisdom but she doesn’t need him because she’s a strong independent whaman who “don’t need no man” to tell her what to do.

  12. Why does everyone assume that Luke is dead? He vanished with no explanation; a Jedi can likely do that. He may have dematerialized into the force, or into nature, or something due to weakness after his feat.

    These movies are a mess. Disney has no respect for a good mythology; they try to appeal to the lowest denominator, weak dialog, useless near-constant action.

  13. Luke was supposed to give us the best lightsaber duel in Star Wars, no interest in EpIX (and in Star Wars) after TLJ

  14. If they want to bring back Luke, you never see him disappear at the moment of death the way we did Yoda …perhaps you can go back to the actual moment in time from another angle and show the way you see people run after dropping their blanket or in Luke’s case his cloak like the”what the Fluff” challenge! A fleeting glimpse of a naked geezer running off

  15. Force ghost don't really do shit they just sit around and teach. Burning up a tree doesn't really do it for me. now if they can still fight and use a light saber I'm all for it

  16. Luke has so many comparable things to Jesus Christ in a way so i wouldn't be surprised if he was "resurrected" in some sort of way whether he be a force ghost or actually comes back in the flesh. Either way it'll happen

  17. i do love your idea on, about just let luke have last minitune with yoda jedi contel in the hunt,since, first

  18. But Mark Hamil has said he is done with star wars and won't return. I cannot imagine him changing his mind.

  19. I say Luke didn't die but went down into the Dark and returns as a master of both the Light and Dark, hence reunifing The Force…

  20. After The last Jedi I just thought: ah, so next movie he'll come back as a projection and he will ignite the rebel revolution/guide Rey. And then I chatted to my friends and they all said the movie sucked because Luke is dead. And "Nothing made sense!". I'm not pro all the choices that were made in the movie. But it certainly aimed at something else than bringing back what we heared and saw before. And Luke is not dead!
    I did get the message for the next movie: returning from the ashes. And for that to happen you need to be at a very low point for it to feel really rewarding. I knew they aimed at this. Still everyone gives it shit. I don't not want to see episode 9 because of the lack of faith in the movie. I don't want to because of the lack of faith I have in the fanbase. I'd hate to be J.J.

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