Star Wars Episode 9 Luke’s Return Is In JJ’s Hands! Mark Hamill Wants Back

Lets go over the character of luke skywalker and his awaited transition from star wars the last jedi to star wars episode 9. We know that filming starts at the end of july for star wars episode 9 and the full cast has yet to be announced, recently mark hamill was in an interview making it seem luke’s return is now up in the air in comparison to how it was official when colin Trevarrow was on board.



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  1. They will end up doing a Christ like resurrection with Luke….he will be somewhere between flesh and spirit and crazy powerful. This is my wishful thinking but I feel they need to do something like this and Disney know it. They know the hardcore fanbase is on edge….. surely they will give us something awesome.

  2. If you watched to YODA in the scene with Luke , remember Yoda touched his fronhead with his BASTON and Luke Felt it , so if you are dead , Yoda knows how to return into a fisical shape

  3. Bring Luke Skywalker back as a force ghost and allow him to confront Kylo Ren or at least haunt him. After all Luke said "See yah around kid." And wrapping up the Skywalker Saga without Mark Hamill would be disgraceful, he's an icon.

  4. Really what is the point on bringing Luke?? Rey learns things by the Bluetooth power of the force, is he gonna hunt Kilo?? Or is it just that Disney had a new glowing in the dark toy??

  5. Hamill did not know he was going to die. He was surprised when he saw his ending after the movie was made and he was pissed.

  6. JJ could re release the film and change the ending. We would all not mind. Star Wars film have been improved and scenes have been changed before.

  7. They should stop making these movies. These new so called Jedi are weak as hell. Every Jedi in the pass would wreck these newbies…Kylo is weak so is the girl. Guess I'm living in the past lol

  8. I want Luke back in the flesh! How you ask? Example, since Lukes left hand is not "part of him" as it is mechanical and did not drop to the ground when he vanished, so he was just teleported away for example by Force Priestesses to save him.

  9. It would be nice to know he was a force ghost the whole time perhaps he did die in battle from the knights of Ren. Who knows JJ can twist this story into something totally unexpected

  10. I think they should start Episode 9 when he disappears at the end of The Last Jedi then cut to a far off location and it turns out he just figured out how to use the force to transport himself. 🙂

  11. Star Wars is dead. Screw a Luke force ghost, how freaking insulting. It is nothing more than Kennedy and company flipping us the bird. Star Wars will not get my money or support as long as they continue to run a once great franchise into the ground.

  12. Knowing JJ Abrams, Episode 9 will have the ghosts of young Luke, young Anakin , Yoda, and Ewan McGregor as a CGI old Obi-Wan all use the force to take down a star destroyer

  13. Reading the comments, says it all. About 99/100 don't want to see another force ghost. We want to see the most powerful Jedi act like the most powerful Jedi. We want to see him unleash his power for fucks sake.

  14. My son and I watched episode 8 in a theater with about 200 people. Every time Luke came on the screen you could feel people waiting for him to do something great, wanting him to be the hero, to save the day. I think all the fans are OK with him passing things on to rey at some point but while they still have mark hammil on board it would be a waste in the 100% worse way to let him be anything less than the star. You could feel something in the air, it was like magic. There was another little boy that attended the same school as my son and his dad who I met that night and I could see how the father felt the exact same way I did. Everyone cheered every time Luke did anything. This movie made you feel like a kid all over again and I got to share that with my boy. It was 99.99999% because of Luke Skywalker. Some of us have been waiting so long to see him in star wars again. Its not an opinion but a fact that all the people there wanted him to be more apart of the story. I don't care how smart JJ Abrams is he would be an idiot not to notice this and do something about it. Be cause its everywhere. Producers, directors change things and think they know better but this is one time where they should just give the fans what they want. It would make them lots of money and make everybody happy. I wish they could see what I said somehow.

  15. If they can show Luke using his force powers to appear millions of miles away as a projection then they could just as easily write him into discovering a way of absorbing himself into the force without dying. Make Luke some sort of next gen-Jedi where by as a one off was able to dissolve into the force bear witness to its secrets but then appear again in the material world in his physical form as a means to an end to bring about balance to the force.

  16. I would love for LUke to come back in the flesh but what would even be the purpose at this point? Force ghost makes sense no matter how much I hate the idea of him being dead.

  17. I want the Luke back in flesh as more powerful Jedi. Gandalf from Lord of the Ring did it, I am sure Luke also can do it.

  18. Metal Hand,,, Luke's hand is metal. When he vanished and his clothes fell to the ground his prosthetic hand did not fall. Rian has admitted he missed it in editing and that there was supposed to be the sound of metal hitting the rock.

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