Star Wars Episode 9 Obi Wan Kenobi’s Return! Potential Spoilers & More

Lets go over some star wars news that has to do with star wars episode 9, JJ Abrams, and Obi Wan Kenobi / Ewan Mcgregor. Recently the news that has been circling about the obi wan kenobi movie and the boba fett movie caused mixed reactions as to wondering whats really going on with those movies, however in a new report by the sun, which should be taken with a grain of salt..reports that ewan mcgregor will return as obi wan kenobi in star wars episode 9. Ewan Mcgregor actually voiced obi wan briefly at the end of rey’s force vision in the force awakens. Could we see an obi wan force ghost or perhaps only hear him in this installment. We know this movie will focus on kylo ren and rey primarily so many things are going to happen to and around these characters. Though luke’s return in star wars episode 9 is said to happen, luke skywalker could perhaps show alongside with obi wans voice perhaps if not shown visually, giving us a familiar moment to empire strikes back in yoda’s hut with luke tlaking to obi wans ghost voice.



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  1. I dont believe any of these speculations after 2 years of ep8 ones. Still entertaining to predict what a mess ep9 will be though!

  2. If JJ is wrapping up the nanology, I could see all Jedi masters of the past, from Qui-Gon and Mace, to Anakin and Obi to appear in some sort of teaching or inspirational roll for Rae. Would be interesting to see them pass on heritage and knowledge. And perhaps, if they’re taking this wider approach to the force, perhaps even some Darkside users will appear. Would be an incredibly cool sequence.. keep up the good work Mike!

  3. How can anyone fix this thing? First of all JJ said he has no plans to fix anything, so we are stuck with a story about a girl that requires nothing as she knows everything, Luke will always be remembered for the alien tits and a story that had no story

  4. Granted Disney could have changed things around but George Lucas himself said it was a story of father's and son's and grandfather's meaning more than one and as of now we only know of one grandfather Anakin Skywalker but I'm gonna take a guess and say the surprising twist in the last Jedi everyone was waiting for will be in this one cuz well it's the last one in this triolgy so what a way to go out

  5. There is no merit nor fact to this fabrication you've made. You bombed on predictions for TLJ. I'd say you were about 1 in 50 for TLJ. Stop it you HACK! Normally I'm a mellow guy but all your "News" is based on nothing but rumour and innuendo! GOOD DAY SIR!

  6. The Rey Kenobi theory, one of my favorites. Obi Wan, had a fling with Duchess Satine Kryze but we don't know what happened to their children. Maybe they fell on hard times when they had their daughter so they sold the 6yo girl to Plutt. It would be fantastic if Ewan could be in IX. Ewan McGregor is Obi Wan Kenobi. Guinness called Star Wars "Fairytale Rubbish" so he doesn't deserve any accolades. Alec Guinness is no longer Obi Wan in my eyes.

  7. If Episode lX would be given to Rian the ignorant than he would make even more damage -.- :/
    I'm glad that J.J will end what he have started 😉 I have a HUGE faith in J.J Abrams because he at least want to add Prequels connections and every fans should like him for that in compare to Rian the ignorant.

    With that said: i'm happy that there will be younger Obi-Wan force Ghost 😀 i only wish that Rey will be SOMEONE, for example that Rey is Obi-Wan's grand-dauther 😉 It's the best option for her.

  8. Why would they just have him for just a voiceover, I believe that A CGI of Sir Alec Guinness would be appropriate and very exciting in the film. If they decide to go that way, I can’t wait to see how he interacts with Kylo Ren or Rey or another character.

  9. If Rey would be the granddaughter of Obi Wan, then who would be the son or daughter of Obi Wan? I don´t think they´re able to tell a story like that in a satisfying way. Creating Episode IX will be one of the most difficult tasks in movie history. Good luck, JJ Abrams! I hope you can fix the mess Ruin Johnson did to the saga.

  10. They should definatly use Ewan for 9. Force ghost or voice. As you all know (lol) they can do wonders with make up. I mean when they had Ian play the emperor in Empire and Jedi he was really young and got him to look old as hell..They could do it to Ewan easily. Plus i think alot of people would love to see him reprise his role.

  11. Why would they use McGregor instead of CGI? Because WE fans generally dislike the CGI. Also, it's easy to make a younger actor look older, as they would need to do for an OB1 movie. No it wouldn't be a disservice to Alec Guniess. Everyone knows that Ewan is OB1 now. This is kind of a counter productive video and subject. On one hand 2 weeks ago you were talking that it would be a mistake to have anyone else be OB1 except for McGregor. Now you don't know if he should be OB1 in EPISODE 9. I think I can speak for most fans when I say, we don't just want to hear a voice. It's a movie. And a movie is a visual thing. We want to see OB1. And whoever he interacts with needs to see him too. Otherwise how would they know who they are talking to? Kind of like Kylo talking to Vader in TFA. It wasn't Vader. It was Snoke manipulating Kylo with his heritage.

  12. I always pictured Luke being a like a character we see, but not completely who is actively trying to uncover a mystery of some kind which will be revealed as the big moment in Episode 8.

  13. Mike, weren't you Disappointed in The Last Jedi? Seeing how all of what JJ Set up was disregarded by Rian. I have asked this before.

  14. He better be in the movie, physically. And they better make the Obi Wan movie. I really like the grandparents idea. CGI Alec Guinness would be terrible. For no other reason than it most certainly would have gone against his wishes.

  15. I'm not keen on using old characters like Obi Wan,not Ewan MacGregor because Obi Wan was older than that ,CGI him like they did with Peter Cushing in Rogue One,I'm not liking this nostalgia stick being smacked in our face,I hated Yoda in the Last Jedi,but then again that movie was disrespectful to the character of Luke,
    how's about Ewan MacGregor body and CGI Alec Guinness face over his body?but I am looking forward to see more Rey's story and also Kylo ,I love them both.

  16. Mike Zeroh, the grandfather element is an interestering theory you have.
    The equivalent of the two Jedi knights and the younger league, the dark and the light.

  17. They should use Ewan McGregor as Kenobi and just dye his hair silver. That will work as a transition Kenobi between his two living appearances. I would love for Rey to be the granddaughter of Kenobi. That would make sense!

  18. DUDE Alex McGinnis was only in two movies and Ewan was in 3, with major roles and made Obwan the epic character we know today. He is a must for the future of the franchise.

  19. I wouldn't mind hearing Ewan's voice in Ep9. If they decide to do a full-on show of young Obi-Wan, they could do it in the form of a hologram recording. If he's a heavy influence on the movie's plot, that could mean we'll see his home planet. And if that happens, we might meet his relatives (whether Rey turns out to be one of them or not).

  20. Obi-Wan followed the Jedi Code so how would Rey be his granddaughter? It's a bad idea. Her parents were imperial scientists station on Jakku and they were performing experiments on her in order to artificially make her force sensitive and when the Empire was defeated they went into hiding still on Jakku and when she didn't show any signs of being force sensitive they sold her for drinking money and left, there!

  21. they better do something interesting, imo it doesn't seem like there is any real threat in the latest trilogy, no one ever seems like they are in danger unless they are old characters. Kylo and Hux aren't imposing villains, at least with Snoke behind things it felt like something bigger was brewing. Now it just feels like a man-baby (Kylo) and a bumbling moron (Hux) running the bad guy train. Obi-wan or not its going to be hard to get people to care about what happens next, since the good guys thus far always essily win, we know they win again, so not sure what purpose this trilogy serves at this point.

  22. They completely fucked this trilogy completely. They either should have had the same person direct all three films so that there was a complete, thought out, story line or at least had a completed storyboard and then had different directors do each of the films and add their own flair while at the same time staying true to the story. The fact that they let rian Johnson have complete control with no direction and let him come up with that dumpster fire of a script is inexcusable. When they read that script he should have been laughed out of the building and let go immediately before filming even began and I can guarantee you if George Lucas was still in charge thats exactly what would have happened. But instead, Kathleen Kennedy loved the script because Johnson pandered to her SJW political views, so as long as her political agenda was included in the film she didn't give a shit what rian Johnson did. And don't come at me that I'm an alt-right, racist, sexist, blah blah blah, cause I am a progressive liberal and believe in many of those same things, but when the entire film is overtaken by it, and the story line (or lack there of) takes a back seat and is essentially one giant campaign add, that is unacceptable. Star wars is supposed star wars, not a vessel to push your political views to the detriment of the story

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