Star Wars Episode 9 Potential Spoilers! New Location Confirmed (Star Wars News)

Today we go over an update when it comes to some star wars news for star wars episode 9 and a brand new and confirmed filming location for star wars episode 9 that connects to past star wars films which give us some star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers. We know the jj abrams wants this movie to tie in with not only the prequels but the originals as well! This location is called Cardington sheds 2. This is in the UK. They also shot here for rogue one and star wars a new hope for yavin 4. This could connect to the star wars episode 9 plot leak suggesting that episode 9 the resistance will be seeking out old rebel bases.




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  2. BOYCOTT Ep 9! If you care at all about Star Wars you have to let it die so it can be reborn under new leadership. Hollywood loves to reboot. They will eventually begin again from scratch and maybe they will get it right. Like Avengers, it must die so we can bring it back stronger.

  3. Mike. Just give up on the whole star wars universe for now. It is in a free fall into the toilet. Time better spent covering other material.

  4. We have to forget about all out wants, hopes, opinions and expectations. So many fans have great ideas that should be in the movie. As soon as we expect things we are going to be let down

  5. … spoke to a few folk who've always loved Star Wars & the common consensus is that Last Jedi sapped the life out of folk's anticipation for more- some just realising months later after enjoying it at the cinema, they have no desire to rewatch it like all the other instalments (including the script-flawed prequels; they at least had a genuine inventive wow factor & an embarrassment of riches in their story ambition); never thought i wouldn't be excitedly awaiting a new chapter of my favourite film saga but the unimaginable has happened- don't even care about avoiding spoilers now; they killed the whole thing a film early; sad; all the very best to you & yours, j…

  6. Im really not excited for Episode IX & the Sequel Trilogy is pretty awful right now because I really hate the idea of the Rebellion being repeated & reborn in the Sequel Trilogy because itโ€™s just ruins the legacy of the Original Trilogy, it makes the Sequel Trilogy feel like a rehash of the Original Trilogy, & it damages the Star Wars Saga.

  7. It will be a fun ride to see how many fans don't show up next December. To watch as the purge of left wing nut jobs happens over the next year or so but especially, after IX does worse than any other saga film before it. I look forward to seeing Kennedy removed, Ruins trilogy get openly shit canned, and every other Lucasfilm employee who has insulted our entire fan base get fired. Boycott Episode IX Chapter XI.

  8. back to yavin yay. can we bring back han solo and luke, and naboo and qui gon and Anakin ghosts. In fact lets ban imagination completely and just recycle everything from pre-existing movies and we'll all be happy little fans.

  9. The sign is a mock up I made, the news is true though, have heard from separate sources. A new Hope, Rogue One and Episode 9 will have all used the sheds in one form or another. In a new hope they used shed 1, it was used as a backing for the temple and heavily masked off , the original cut of the film you could see the girders of the shed in the film under the pai timg of the temple they ised, all removed in the special editions, Rogue One they rebuilt it for real as a practical set for Yavin, I witnessed the set from the perimeter of the Airfield, it was Huge and took up the open mouth of the vast Shed 2. So what will they be filming here for eppisode 9???

  10. Time jump is vital (among other vital things) for this trilogy to survive, or at least convince us to believe more in its timeline, specially when, up til now, everything has happened in about 3 or maybe 4 days. Rey didnt even changed clothes in ep. 7!!!! It means that in ep. 7 Rey went from cero, to defeat Kylo in less than one single day!!! JJ or Disney will have (As Rian fkn Johnson failed to do so) to come up with some real good justification for this super powerfull Rey. I just hope it will not be something as stupid as: โ€œthe force is fast in her.โ€

  11. why would they keep running to the most obvious hiding spots?! these are all places that the first order should know about already since they were previous rebellion bases! quit holding on the originals exclusively, Lucasfilm!! branch out and connect to the prequels!

  12. I think Disney just want this trilogy done and dusted (buried) their finding it hard to keep fans happy and carnt relate to the old trilogies. The next movie will be all over the place! ๐ŸŒช

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