Star Wars Episode 9 Return Of Naboo! Potential Spoilers & More

Lets go over some star wars news involving star wars episode 9 which will be directed by jj abrams, the film comes just after star wars the last jedi by rian johnson and will have a time jump, however today we go over an update for the movie when it comes to locations that have been scouted for episode 9. This will of course go into some star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers.


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  2. Oh I know. Jar Jar is Snoke's boss and was manipulating Sidious in the PT and OT. Jar Jar is gonna show us his true colors finally.

  3. I can get adding Mustafar, but why add Naboo other than for nostalgia points? Leia didn't know her mother, why would she be laid to rest there?

  4. Damn it. The thing that pisses me off the most about this is we could have actually seen Luke Skywalker, Luke f**** Skywalker, standing on the same balcony than Anakin and Padme were on.

  5. Going back to Naboo is cool but I wished they would have introduced a New Alderaan. It would make sense to me if a new planet was colonized to replace that world as it was destroyed by the Deathstar. However having Leia in some form back on Naboo works also.

  6. Hopefully it's a city of pansexual people and they have Droid rights throughout this movie I think that would be great

  7. Would be cool, if the resistance would have an old Clone Wars era Venator class star destroyer as a flagship

  8. Wish they had gone to Naboo and other planets from the prequel trilogy in the other two movies. Naboo is such a great planet. and Felucia would have been a good one to see. i am excited. there's so many worlds in the prequels, i'm dissappointed that the sequal worlds so far have included notTattooine notHoth notTheDeathStar and Ach To.

  9. Naboo in the new movie will be the revelation that Jar Jar is a Sith Lord. He will kill all and reign supreme…

  10. Cool.
    Naboo. Closing by return. Classy. I hope its a great film. I wonder if we will see Rey looking over Patamays grave.
    Good job.

  11. Hey Mike Palpatine is from that planet he's from the naboo it could be maybe that they're going back for Palpatine

  12. You do know that even if there's a big time Jump in the movie, that doesn't mean that Leia has been dead for 5 years. She quite possibly could only have died just before the start of the movie. Duh.

  13. I can only see a HUUUGE official funeral of Leia scene on Naboo and it will be sad :'( but hey, no character lives forever so we knew that Leia will die sooner or later. I just would like to see Naboo and it's beautifull palace 🙂

  14. 1] A "death-iversary" commemoration ceremony for Leia would be sweet to see. I forgot which EU novel or comic book this was mentioned in, but I heard that Leia developed a close relationship with her cousin, Pooja Naberrie. Maybe, we'll get to see the maternal side of the Skywalker family.
    2] Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine was also from Naboo. Maybe, this part of the plot ties into him. More on Rey's heritage, perhaps? The Imperial prince or princess could've gone into hiding after the events of "Return of the Jedi", become depressed over that, then turned to drinking to combat said depression. Somewhere in all that, this person married, and Rey was born.
    Either way, I'm excited to see where this part of the story goes.

  15. The Gungan city is also on Naboo. They're going back to Naboo to enlist the aid of Jar Jar Binks, who is now Boss Jar Jar. Lucasfilm is going to really to give it to the fans. You want to be mad about The Last Jedi? Wait until we bring back Jar Jar Binks.

  16. Hopefully opening scene. Kylo invading Naboo or forcing there hand. Visits palace. Sees picture of Padme. Badass

  17. One thing I havent seen anyone discuss about The Last Jedi was that Rian Johnson made it very contained – mostly focusing on the rebels and first order. The scenes on Canto Bight were only ones to feature extras and other characters outside of rebels/first order. Seems like JJ is trying to make IX feel big and richen the SW mythology.

    That would definetly be the end of Star Wars, one of the few things that would see me walk out of the Theatre

  19. glad Naboo wasn't one of the half dozen planets rekt by the deathstarplanet in force awakens.. tis a nice place.

  20. I KNEW IT!! The prediction I made so long ago is coming TRUE!! Rey will go to Naboo, fall in love with Jar Jar, and build a new order based on half-Gungan Jedi Knights!! Yes!! YES!!!

  21. When you realize Jar Jar Binks has more character development than half of the cast in the Last Jedi!

  22. A) I very much love Naboo. It's my favorite place in the whole SW galaxy. B) This is NOT the time to drag out elements from past SORE SPOTS for fandom. This brings up Jar Jar. If you use Jar Jar, fans will groan. If you have Naboo but no Jar Jar, then "where's Jar Jar" will take over every conversation about this movie.

  23. The number of things you have gotten wrong in your predictions for prior films makes me laugh. My guess is that you are getting 80% plus wrong about IX.

  24. Padme is in suspension and may be awaken to take up the leadership in now that Leia has merged with the force. She is reluctant and just wants to be dead like she thought she was, but her son appears before her with Anakin a Yoda to get her head in the game! OK Ok, just what I would do, but too bad this series was wrecked by ep 8. Time for Star Wars to End

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