Star Wars Episode 9 Rose Will Have Bigger Role! Good Or Bad (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9! the film in which will be directed by jj abrams and comes after star wars the last jedi which was directed by Rian Johnson, Johnson introduced the character of rose and we have an update for that character in star wars episode 9.


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  1. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, there are no bad characters, only badly-written characters; with the right handling, Jar Jar could have been comic gold. If nothing else, Rose truly WAS something we'd never seen in a SW main cast member, probably the closest thing to an "average person" we ever saw fight for the galaxy in the films. Hopefully, with better writing, the actress can redeem her character…for those who ship Finn with Rey or Poe, however, she's probably beyond saving, as I don't really see them backing off from a "romance" with him, however poorly set up.
    My question is, with a time jump, will she still be that "ordinary person" or will she have risen to join the ranks of the leaders of the new rebellion (likely our main cast will all be generals, like in the third movies of the last couple trilogies), in which case she's now like everyone else?

  2. Since Disney bought Star Wars, I have said repeatedly Star Wars will be forced over to little girls. Disney is for girls. Disney has an anti male, anti family agenda. Always has. I will see how others react to solo, then I might see it, only because opie is directing it. But will not see 9.

  3. A bigger role? If they don't kill her off in the first 20 minutes this is going to be the last jedi all over again

  4. KK also said Cap phasma was going to have a bigger role in tlj!!! And we all know how that turned out! Personally Rose should wither away and die! No need for that pointless character

  5. Imagine if George Lucas said "Great news everyone, JAR JAR will have an even BIGGER ROLE in the next film!" after TPM

  6. We have a horrible character that almost no one liked and had the worst arc in existence but you know … let's give her a bigger role : ^^^^)

  7. Disney's execs: "This Snoke guy, the fans like him and are intrigued. Let's get rid of him! Luke Skywalker's character is really beloved by the fans. Let's get rid of him. We also need to trash his character. Hey, the fans can't stand Rose. Let's put her in more!"

  8. What the hell how you have more of her then SNOKE In the movie !!! Movie was wacky forced women roles Disney has a woman agenda

  9. She should have died. Period. So they give us a Mara rumor and now revert back the interest with this Rose announcement. one step forward, four steps back Disney. They really want to kill their marketing of Episode IX. They really don't want fans to come back. They really don't want fans to come back. I repeat. They really don't want fans to come back.

  10. Agreed, though I liked Rose, it takes away from the main characters and if they're going to tie all the trilogies together, than why more Rose???

  11. Literary the worse character in Star Wars. I will not watch episode 9 if she gets a bigger role. Her and Finn absolutely have no connention. Rey and Finn did and that stupid line in The last jedi she gave to Finn, priceless. I maybe wrong, but seriously, The Last Jedi is the worst Star Wars movie ever and I DO NOT like the fact that Rose is getting a bigger role. If anything, Phasma should've had a bigger role instead of being brought up only in trailers and then to just kill her off so quickly. What a waste of character, and don't even get me started with Snoke. And I will not watch Rian Johnson Trilogy in the future.

  12. Rose was a bit more likable in the novelization but that didn't make me like her more…
    Maybe they'll kill her off in episode 9. If episode 9 is gonna be an all out war movie, I want it to be as unforgiving to both sides as possible (but Disney isn't that bad ass).


    She's a fine actress but the CHARACTER was terrible.

  14. I did not like her character either but there seems to be a foreshadowing of something coming where she is the voice of that foreshadow. Toward the end of TLJ she made that comment to Finn, "we win, not by destroying what we hate but by saving what we love". She basically declared the theme of the end game of this trilogy. So if they keep her on for more scenes in Episode 9, the purpose is most likely for her to be the voice of inspiration and motivation for the rebels. Heck, she might end up being the only champion for Reylo in the series!

  15. When the fans expressed their dislike of Jar Jar Binks in E1, Lucas was wise enough to reduce Binks in the following films. Disney is just trolling the fans that dislike Rose. I do not like that character at all.

  16. She was the worst written character since jar-jar. Completly pointless with a waste of time arc and horrible dialog.

  17. Maybe Rose will prevent Rey from fighting Kylo. Or prevent the resistance from destroying the First Order. I'm sorry…but what was her point in TLJ?
    Wait…you mentioned training…for what? Didn't the TLJ establish that NO TRAINING IS REQUIRED?

  18. If the character of Rose is gonna be in SW Ep IX, can they recast the actress ?!?! I would like the actress who played Roses sister cast as Rose!!!
    So when I watch it on cable, cause I ain’t paying at the theatre, it will be slightly more enjoyable!

  19. Wondering if Rose herself is force sensitive….she seemed to be very adept in using her light-craft cruiser from Crait, without having thorough training as a pilot (unlike Finn and Poe)……

  20. “Let’s take the worst character from TLJ and give her a bigger role! The fans can’t stand her and this is another chance for us to show how much we don’t give a shit what they think!”


  21. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 I love watching these idiots fuck up over and over again … it's not even starwars anymore you guys should just sit back and laugh as these guys become less and less profitable and ultimately clean house next year

  22. In the Director and the Jedi documentary, Rian Johnson admits he wrote Rose to NOT feel like a Star Wars character, which really struck me as a bizarre goal. I mean if the audience wants to see a non Star Wars character we can literally just watch any movie other than a Star Wars movie. Non Star Wars characters are everywhere!

    If we pay our money and go to see a Star Wars movie, we WANT to see Star Wars characters. We like Star Wars characters. We like Star Wars! Writing bad characters isn’t subverting our expectations, it’s another sign that Johnson shouldn’t have been in charge.

  23. I'm happy to see Kelly Marie Tran Is going to have a bigger role in the movie. She'll probably be in a leadership role.

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