‘Star Wars Episode IX’ Begins Production

Christy, Alonso, and special guest Alicia Malone from TCM talk about BREAKING Star Wars news.

Let us know your early predictions for ‘Episode IX’ in the comments below!

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  1. After watching "Fallout" I don't give a damn about CGI based movies anymore. Tom Cruise has Killed Star Wars and Superhero movies for me.

  2. Tony Gilroy-of the Great Michael Clayton-&Beirut brought the ole StarWarsSizzlei Rewrites 2 Rogue1!!Kinda like OASIS The Shock Of The Lighning!! kids,not gonna happen againg,drop n yer knees&thank the Lord it Happened Once!!:)

  3. Finally we can put this godawful dumpster fire sequel trilogy behind us to hopefully be struck from canon someday.

  4. Lol, Force Awakens came out two and a half years ago, December 2015. "Five years". Reminds me of my mother whose sense of time is totally out of whack, too.

  5. Alicia you thing TLJ was a nice sendoff for Carrie Fisher??!! They turned her into a Mary Poppins meme ffs. How much more disrespectful could they have been?

  6. Please stop doing updates on kiddie flicks. Let's try to snob it up a little and have this channel be a little loftier than that. Views aren't everything… are they?

  7. Make it stop, these films are like tree rot they keep getting WORSE! 2 Beatles and a budget Christina in a pear tree.

  8. According to Christy's math, apparently we are already living in 2020… I don't remember seeing Episode 9 or Avengers 4 last year though.

  9. All of the Star Wars sequels/prequels have been garbage. You can create a better story in your mind by just looking its concept art.

  10. The Force Awakens came out 2 and a half years ago … so no, not 5 years ago … not even remotely close.

  11. None of these people seem to care about these movies why are they even bothering? It would be like if the Red Letter Media guys did a video on the Bachelorette.

  12. 9 is also going to be the redemption story of her son, so Leia's role was going to be essential. It was supposed to be her movie.

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