Star Wars: Episode IX: Rian Johnson May Direct – IGN News

Rian Johnson is reportedly being eyed as a possible contender to helm Star Wars Episode IX now that Colin Trevorrow has left the project.

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  1. Tbh i think this whole "Creative differences" thing that Disney had with Treveror was maybe because he didnt wanna keep pushing Leftist propaganda by yet again creating another " Strong female lead" and shoving it down us star wars fans throat.

    Like yea im all for diversity but dont freaking force it down our throats and use Star wars to push political agendas…i love the franchise so much that i hate to see Disney use it just for that…


  2. Disney found their guy. Johnson's Looper is one of my favorite films all time..him guiding the Star Wars Skywalker movies is exciting

  3. Johnson would be fantastic as he already knows the characters and how to make a star wars movie. But I feel sorry for him because what if he's tired after releasing The Last Jedi? Jumping into another movie right after would be exhausting.

  4. We have no idea how Rian Johnson Episode 8 is gonna be.. Sources say it's like Empire strikes back 2. If indeed it is, then hell it's another rip off just like force awakens ripped off New hope. Trailer kinda shows some battle scene just like from Empire strikes back. If it's true then i don't wanna know what's in episode 9. Its could just be another Return of the jedi rip off. I mean if they are gonna keep on ripping off then who cares who directs it. I kinda like lost interest in Star Wars already. Note: they could persuade Brad Bird again.

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