Star Wars: Episode IX to Be Directed by J.J. Abrams – IGN News

A familiar face is stepping in to replace Colin Trevorrow to complete the sequel trilogy.

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  1. Now the douchey Force​ Awakens haters who still to this day have no valid complaints about the movie except that it​ was too much like A New Hope will be coming out of the woodwork.

  2. I actually like this choice. Unfortunately, I know where this is going. This is going to become some annoying trend of fans saying that this will be another "rehash," a "Return Of The Jedi 2.0, therefore causing a 2nd trend making it "cool to make fun of ROTJ" (even though this has already overstayed it's welcome). As someone who considers ROTJ as his favorite Star Wars movie, I knew this was going to happen. A bunch of idiots are going to say "this is going to be the Return Of The Jedi of this Trilogy" (regardless of who directs it), as if we didn't have enough people how want to continuously remind me how they didn't like ROTJ as much as The Empire Strikes Back. As for The Force Awakens, calling it a "rehash" is stupid. Just…stupid. It may have had similar element to the original Star Wars, but in my opinion, we needed that. Whether you like the Prequels, or not, they were not very popular, and the movie series was in a very dark place after the Prequels ended. TFA brought back the things most Star Wars fans loved. That ship has sailed. The Last Jedi is going to bring this to a new direction. Yeah, there are things similar to TESB, but they are more technical things, and nothing plot related. Like a said, it's most likely going to lead the saga to a new direction, and JJ will be able to continue that, so why do you think it's going to be a rehash when 1) Filming hasn't even started yet, and 2) You haven't even seen The Last Jedi. I love ROTJ so much, that I don't want a 2.0 version. However, I do want to see this new trilogy end on a high note, with a "Good triumphing over Evil" sort of plot.

  3. Kylo Ren is going to sacrifice himself by throwing Snoke down a hole to save Rey from being electrocuted. Also Kylo is going to be Rey's brother

  4. I would be more worried about Chris Terrio as writer. He wrote batman v superman and justice league which people deemed unwatchable.

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