Star Wars! Exciting News Of Anakin Skywalker! (Star Wars News)

Today we go over some star wars news involving the character of anakin skywalker that many star wars fans love and enjoy in the prequel trilogy before he turned to the dark side as darth vader under the manipulation by darth sidious aka emperor palpatine.


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  2. Why not do the back story of, Darth Vader immediately after Revenge of the Sith and Finish with Return of the Jedi. Everyone who really cares about Star Wars will be dead, before we get to see the horars Vader inflicted on the galaxy and the rise of the Empire.

  3. He needs to come back as a ghost to save kylo. Tell kylo he was seduced by the dark side, VADER, do not go down the same path as he did. Kylo still has some good in him. He couldn't kill his mother.

  4. What they REALLY need to to is stop Cherry picking from the Expanded Universe after they said it wasn't Canon. Smh

  5. Hayden Christensen is a good actor. Don’t blame him for some of the bad dialogue. Revenge of The Sith is still my favorite Star Wars movie. It would be great to have him back in the role of Anakin. But, it probably won’t happen.

  6. Disney has already ruined Luke, Leia, and created that insipid Ben Swolo as the next generation Skywalker. Now they want to pulverize Anakin too? No Disney – stay away.

  7. Anakin is the greatest character in anything ever. The first 6 episodes are truly about the tragedy of Anakin and how this kind hearted, innocent, extremely powerful boy was constantly ridiculed and treated poorly and ended up turning into the most terrifying villain in cinematic history. His story to me is beyond fascinating and it’s always cool to wonder and picture the “what could’ve been” with him and his story if he never turned.

  8. If it all leads to a Anakin / Vader movie then all more power and a force ghost appearance in 9 ! That is a must !

  9. I just read that Disney's Bob Iger had a secret conference call with top brass of Marvel and others on how to fix Kathleen Kennedy's mess, and that they have already been approaching people to take her job. In addition, there may be a halt to all Star Wars related movies due to the failure of solo.

  10. Maybe this is a little too far out there, but I have a feeling we will see Windu incorporated into the next installment.

  11. He was a total badass and war hero in the clone wars series. A better character, person, and Jedi then his so called "masters"

  12. Considering Disney managed to turn gold into SOYLO: A SOY WARS STORY, I won't be getting excited just yet. I love the potential focusing on Anakin brings to the Disney era

  13. I love the books, I think I get more depth and info when I read those, or listen to them, I like that they have more details, so yes I think it's great if they add more books and comics.

  14. What about between Episodes I and I. I think the time between II and III has been explored enough.

  15. Anakin and Luke show up to Rey as force ghosts and tell Rey that she " is" OB1's Granddaughter. They tell her how great he was as a Jedi!

  16. If it’s live action… BENEDICT CUMBERBACH FOR THRAWN!!!

    Thrawn is so Holmes-like, this talented actor is the ONLY man for the role.

  17. Disney, i seen what you did to the originalist's hero, please leave my hero alone, his clone wars story has already been told, very very well, twice… lol. Please disney, just #walkaway

  18. Not sure why most people I talk to or see on message boards hated Anakin so much I thought the character was portrayed pretty good. Sure things will never live up to our imagination but that can't be helped. It's kind of cool ultimately he did not really turn to the dark side for vanity but more for love and to do anything to save his family.

  19. Anakin is my favorite character of all time. Hayden Christensen played him perfectly. Anything and everything that deals with Anakin, I need to know about it!

  20. Considering what he had to work with (green screens, clunky dialogue, awkward adolescent character), Hayden did an amazing job. I think he’ll receive a warm welcome back from fans and a new appreciation for his work.

  21. Anakin is the raison d'etre of Star Wars…the WHOLE of Star Wars…EVERYTHING of Star Wars. Anakin is my FAVORITE character and I would like more films on Anakin/Darth Vader IF they were written & directed by George Lucas. Disney and the current nobodies at non-Lucas-film will SURELY "ruin" the MOST IMPORTANT character of Star Wars. I have ZERO faith in the buffoons at Lucasfilm since George Lucas has sold his film studio.

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