Star Wars History: Episode V – Darkness Rising (Last Jedi Spoilers!)

A brief history of the Star Wars Universe, from the Battle for Starkiller base to the evacuation of D’Qar and battle of Crait. Based on the Star Wars Legends Expanded Universe, created by George Lucas and Lucasfilm.


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Written by frances

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  1. So… what exactly did Pie Dameron do wrong? He lost some extremely slow bombers yes and a handful of fighters but at max that was like 30-50 men but managed to destroy, in their words, "a fleet killer dreadnaught." It baffles me to no end why he was seen as a bad guy when he did nothing wrong. This movie has such lazy writing.

  2. But how are they going to do the final movie without Carrie Fisher?
    Who will play Leia Organa? James Earl Jones?

  3. Luke has become a just as whiny cunt as Anakin, but also selfish puts is own drama in front of all the people in the galaxys freedom. Lets his friends die. just because he is so piteous because he failed trying to start a jedi acadamy afther just trying 1's and trying to kill one of his students because for some reason he forgot everything from the original thrilogy like that vader came back to the light so kylo could too.

  4. In a weird way the conflict between the First Order and The New Rebellion has a future vs the past dynamic too it. Kylo wants to let the past die, and is over trying to be a new Darth Vader. But ultimately he couldn't kill Luke, he couldn't kill the past, and he couldn't kill Luke's legend. No more than Luke could end the Jedi Order, and in a weird parallel too how it was arrogance to think that the Jedi had exclusive rights to the Light Side, it was arrogant of Luke to think that he could rebuild the Jedi Order, and also arrogant of Luke to think the he could end it either. The Rebellion gave rise to The Resistance, which in turn has been reborn as The New Rebellion.

  5. I do wanna know what happened to Leia's allies and I would like an explanation as to why they never came. It was kinda crushing when Leia said something to the effect of 'the galaxy has lost hope'. How is it that Han Solo ended up being the most optimistic of the main trio.

  6. Could you creators start talking about how they can fix star wars vs. making video's practically expressing how much you like these new abhorrent movies?

  7. Additional Info: Something I did not point out, is that Rey actually took the Sacred Jedi Texts with her when she left Ahch-to, so Luke and Yoda did not actually destroy them.

  8. That was a really great of summary. I am not sure I can handle a review analyzing every flaw of the movie again. There's too many.

  9. what a waste i saw why mark hamill so so upset now. This is a man that didn't give up on anakin and damn anakin did so much worse in his life and luke game up on ben before he did nothing wow. Then snoke sigh what a damn waste

  10. Short version: Even after destroying the franchise, disney went for broke and turned the once great story into a vessel for promoting marxism. There's literally a plot thread about thirty minuets long about the evils of capitalism. Oh, and they say that since there's paralells to religion in the force, the jedi suck and need to be destroyed.

    Yup. Nothing is sacred.
    You're welcome.

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