Star Wars! JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode 9 Will Change Everything & More (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 and jj abrams, given the current situation and confusion over the obi wan kenobi movie and the boba fett movie as well as the new star wars trilogy, we have an update for star wars episode 9 which will be directed by jj abrams that it will change everything, exactly how so? lets go over the possibilities.



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  1. Loved the Last Jedi. Finally, a movie that has some characters that do more than turn on their lightsabers. I will be waiting for episode 9 and see if they add more depth to the characters…just like Anakin, I hope they go develop and explore Kylo's personality and path.

  2. If Luke stays dead as it happened in TLJ, then so too shall Star Wars stay dead to me post-episode 6. Mangling the hero's journey ruined the entire arc and purpose of the Star Wars saga.

  3. It’s too late . They made the premier hero of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker into a dark side coward . Star Wars dead to me

  4. They are going to say anything and everything to trick us into seeing Ep. 9. Just as they did with promising us Luke Skywalker in Ep. 7 and 8.

  5. You are giving Disney way too much credit. They screwed the pooch in a massive way. The only way JJ Reboot can save Star Wars is by having Luke wake up in the beginning of Episode 9 and realize that it was all a dream. This is my prediction.. we will get a Return of the Jedi Redux.

    Star Wars is dead to me. I was 10 when the first Star Wars came out. They have ruined my favorite movie franchise. I will not see episode 9 as I did not see episode 8 in the theaters. I also did not see Solo in the theater.

    I am done as a fan.

  6. horse shit!! episode 9 will be more of the same disney garbage shoved down our throats by a producer and director who don't give a shit about the true star wars fans! they can go fuck themselves!

  7. I don't buy what they are selling.
    Neither that blah, blah about some sort of master plan, nor the movie ticket.

    TFA was unoriginal and started this mess of a trilogy. That was J.J. Abrams' work. Now I'm supposed to believe, that he can make the most original Star Wars movie, tie everything together and even redeem even TLJ? Impossible.
    And on top of that I'm supposed to believe, that TLJ was not Rian Johnson's ego trip, but a carefully planed deception, so Episode IX will catch me off guard? lol

    No matter how often you repeat their line "Episode IX will change everything", it's just words.
    And let's face it: at this point, they'd say anything to get you to buy the ticket.

  8. The franchise is already dead. Episode 9 is expected to be DOA. The toys don't sell. Han, Luke & Leia have been ruined. Everybody hates the new characters. Luke milked a big tittie alien. Leia flew through space like Mary Fucking Poppins. NOBODY CARES ANYMORE! What do you expect to accomplish? You think Star Wars can once again be like it was? You think getting rid of Kathleen Kennedy will restore the franchise to it's former glory. Get real!!!

  9. I honestly don't think any of these 4 newly released movies were GREAT! Sure some were better than others based on whatever movie had a few more better scenes but as a whole, none were amazing movies… none of the characters are memorable, poor dialogue, bad jokes and bad joke placement, lazy story telling… not just TLJ and Solo, all four movies!!!

  10. I don't think JJ will be able to wrap up everything. I still think this film will have a million loose ends just like the Last Jedi. I'm not really excited for this film at all. I think that it will be actually worse than the Last Jedi, if that's even possible for the simple fact that Leia has a continued story line and Luke does not. How dumb.. the person who is alive in real life is now dead in the story and the actress who is no longer with us in real life is still alive in the story. Makes perfect sense… kinda like how Vietnam made perfect sense…

  11. You give these hacks too much credit. They wouldn’t show so much childish disrespect to the fans in order to maintain artistic principle. Rather shillish

  12. Don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths, it’s the same every time “it gunna be amazing, epic, the best” and every time it’s a pile of garbage Star Wars is dead

  13. I am afraid that they will fuked whole series with some ''time traveling''. When i hear they wan't connect all Star Wars movies in one story grrrr.

  14. I have been thinking a lot since the TLJ and also gotten to think. What if Rian actually did the right thing? What if Kathleen and Rian were serious when they said Luke Skywalker were really important somehow. What if that forceprojection Luke made wasnt it? What if Luke actually made the real showkicker in the end? He did look happy, maybe he did understand something, and became something more. Maybe Rian though about Transformers where Nothing meets the eye. What if Luke actually isnt dead at all? And that wasnt Rian intention at all to kill him off, but to fool us they did? God, I am almost getting in to the 9 again lol. Just to see if it actually was a roose…. 🙂 Maybe Disney did all right? I aint sure, but maybe they did? Lets face it… maybe then didnt mean that Lukes role was that important in TLJ but in the last movie.

  15. Tell me.
    Tell me that the entire time Luke Skywalker was bitter, resentful, and living on a island during The Last Jedi, that it was all an elaborate force-projected illusion Luke was using to determine whether or not Rey was susceptible to the dark side as Ben was…
    …and that Rey and Luke haven't officially met yet.
    Do that, and I might consider forgiving LucasArts/Disney for their work.

  16. I have boycotted all star wars films until luke unjedi ghosts himself back too life 11 sith lords have done why not 1 god damn jedi dont get me wrong i love me some dark side but Luke is all the hope left with Carrie's passing and barely trained rey supposed to run the show please get over yourselves Disney

  17. Of course Disney will say "Episode 9 will change everything". It's pure marketing. What did people expect? Disney saying "Eh, I guess Episode 9 will be just more of the same, you know".

  18. I think that Rian Johnson has taken Star Wars down to a lower level and one thing is does Mark Hamill really disagree with the fans if so Why? I mean he said so himself he fundamentally disagreed with everything that Rian decided about his character I mean does he really want to throw all of that away and say go screw yourselves to all the fans I mean I have no disrespect for the cast whatsoever it's just Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy I have no respect for in a sense of what Rian did with The Last Jedi and how Kathleen Kennedy lied about everything she made on a contract with George Lucas I mean it's a bunch of bullcrap you know.

  19. J.J. Abrams, the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of TLJ is on record saying he liked TLJ and is totally on board with the SJW message it portrayed. J.J. will "NOT" do Star Wars any justice with episode IX and will push it deeper into the abyss.

    At this point, I personally will never watch a Rian Johnson movie again. He's a ass for not only the way he treated the Star Wars franchise but also the way he treated Mark Hamill and the Star Wars fans that didn't agree with his male hating SJW message.

    Here's a sobering fact that Disney has seem to forgot but had better start remembering and understanding, it's Disney that needs us, not us that needs Disney. If Disney wants to keep going down this asinine SJW path I will put all Disney movies in the I'll never watch again category.

    I, myself cannot put Disney under but we, the movie fans can with our hard earned cash going to somewhere else.

  20. I've watched your videos in the past, and truthfully, you don't know shit. you are all talk and completely full of horseshit ! You make up anything to have people come to your page, kid, get a fucking job and just shut the fuck up for gawd sakes.

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