Star Wars! JJ Abrams Won’t Fix Anything Episode 9 & More! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over star wars episode 9 when it comes to writer and director JJ Abrams! We will be going over the star wars the last jedi and director rian johnson as well. Today a big subject has been talked about involving jj abrams star wars episode 9 and its connection to the last jedi feedback. Star wars episode 9 will be a film centered on rey and kylo ren with some big surprises to come. We know jj is putting in prequel trilogy continuity which should be amazing.


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  1. The tittle of this made me do a face plam. I just hope we get satisfying ending to epsiode 9 (knowing Kathleen Kenndey I'll be disappointed). But the only that will satisfy the faithful is Luke Skywalker kicking some ass with the green inginted. Plus firing Kathleen is a must. I'll still see epsiode 9 but it's hard to hyped for this film….

  2. Sigh..Rey and Ren, Rey and Ren. It's always fuckin rey and ren..what about Finn, Poe and Snoke? Hux or phasma. Or even a bit more airtime and plot significance for chewie and the droids..They're the leads and souls of the films too..

  3. The trilogy just seems ruined to me. I do have faith that JJ can make a decent film. But it’s too late. It can only go down avenues that I’ve decided aren’t for me. No thanks.

  4. It's just the way it is…all Star Wars movies are good…some are better than others for sure.
    I will say this though…that if the people in charge don't start listening to the fans…then they will continue to lose money….that's why "they" are making them.

  5. Yeah they won't bring Luke back. Because bringing him back would mean they would have to admit that they screwed up!!!

  6. It's my opinion that Ep. 9 will not need to address much of anything that happened in TLJ because Ep. 9 will begin with a major jump forward in time. All the characters will be much older and we will learn that Leia passed away many years prior. To me, that is the only logical way they can quickly address the death of Carrie Fisher and get on with the story. Just sayin'.

  7. And here you have all these Abrams fanboys thinking his coming back is gonna change things. He was one of the masterminds in ruining this franchise and idiots out there STILL "trust" this chode-nosed, mouse worshiping parasite. Leave it to "Di$ney War$ fans" to totally come up with something as retarded as that…

  8. I don't plan on watching ep.9 anymore.

    TLJ wasn't just bad. It was one of the worst movies. Not star wars movies. Movies in general I have ever watched.

    I'm convinced Ryan Johnson is trying to get out of his contract. By sabotaging his own movie to get intentionally fired.

  9. Thumbs down for the little bumb in the road comment. It's a major disaster what they did in the last jedi.

  10. I don't care if this is clickbait any more. I just love watching these and hoping it's all true and to watch a train wreck over the course of another 18 months.

  11. Grew up with star wars and actually enjoyed the prequel trilogy and compared to this new trilogy…I'd rather watch episodes 1-3 than this…heck in my opinion force awakens is just a pure reboot great opening act but meh ending…I gave up watching new star wars after that…but Rogue ones a good prequel to episode 4

  12. We wont go see it. For the sake of practicality I refuse to deal with bored children at another Star Wars film. None of my kids like TLJ and are not interested in 9 because for them the characters are now "boring."
    As parents we have to agree. We will be staying in and watching A New Hope on Episode 9 premiere night. The kids have asked for it.
    It's sad but true.
    Thanks Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy. Your shitty management killed the new saga films for our family.

  13. Awesome! I can't wait to NOT see episode 9! If Abrams wants to be a smug, arrogant asshole, then I (and countless others) will keep our wallets closed.

  14. Well then I will continue my boycott of Disney Star Wars and will not be giving them any of my money. I am a huge star wars fan and have spent countless dollars over the years. No more until this is fixed, which it sounds like it won't be.

  15. So JJ is cool with Rian Johnson shitting on everything, and thus will not fix anything. Mkay, you will never get another penny of my money. Not that they care, I realize. Absolutely no reason to see E9. F*ck Disney.

  16. "If things never get better, there's always the original trilogy" What a depressing statement. 🙁 Ugh! This is awful news to me, because if true, I'll be skipping Nine like I skipped Soylo. Maybe I'll even sell off my copy of TFA since I hate incomplete stories and just pretend Star Wars was a finished story at the end of Return of the Jedi.

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