Star Wars ! Kathleen Kennedy’s Plan After Star Wars Episode 9 (Star Wars News)

Lets go over the future of star wars when it comes to some star wars news involving kathleen kennedy and the era after star wars episode 9 and its release date. Since the collider story many have been wondering whats happening with the obi wan kenobi movie and the boa fett movie. We know a new star wars trilogy is on the way by the game of thrones guys and that disney is keeping rian johnson on board for another trilogy. Thanks to THR we learned that kennedy is involved in the change over at lucasfilm and the star wars franchise that comes after solo a star wars story box office results.



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  1. By regrouping the production teams at Lucas film, Kathleen Kennedy puts the blame on others as an answer to the box office bombing of the SOLO movie.
    Everyone knows it's all about the Last Jedi and Rian Johnson.

    How long can she deny everything?

    When the first episode of Rian Johnsons trilogy are released, she will have to face an even bigger chocking drop in ticket sales. The fans will never forgive and forget what Rian Johnson has done.

    The longer Kathleen Kennedy is avoiding the problem, the bigger damage Disneys and Lucas film will suffer.

    If she would've acknowledged the backlash and fire Rian Johnson immediately after the Last Jedi then the fans would've calmed down.

  2. NOT watching EPISODE IX
    Not watching EPISODE IX
    Not watching EPISODE IX

  3. Kennedy is a coward for not even trying to heal the rift or speak out to the disappointment within the fan base. Whenever you have fan backlash like this a leader should rise up and say something healing towards this. Kathleen Kennedy isn’t a REAL leader for Lucasfilm.

  4. If I was a secretary for Spielberg and made a name for myself through nepotism, then given the keys to the Lucasfilm kingdom, I would have honored Mr. Lucas’ vision and ensured the success of the Star Wars franchise for future generations. How can Disney not just get rid of her and her minions. How can Disney continue to make excuses other than KK ( and Rian Johnson) being the cause of what we are seeing w Star Wars

  5. That means Kennedy is not going any where unless Star Wars # 9 flops. The rumors I heard about Plot of the New Movie is it might flop . I predict they will hire a newWoman to Play Princes Laie and she will kill Kylo/Ben her Son to save Rey, Luke if he appears at all will try to warn Rey Kylo will try to kill her

  6. I seen some idiot (Scott mendalson) from the wall street Journal or Forbes I forget he writes perhaps Solo bomb cause the main character is a straight white guy, he's suggest that we need MORE!! diversity, color, whatever!! In SW…my point is what if kk agrees and decides to inject MORE SJ crap, thinking ya!! That's what we need more crap!!!! So just because we hear kk is going back to the drawing board doesn't make me feel ANY better..

  7. Right next to Darth Vader and even perhaps Luke Skywalker and Han and Chewie. "Boba Fett" is one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars period. Fans cosplay the hell out of his character at premieres or Star Wars related events yearly in multiple countries? To hear Lucasfilm or recent news say that people out there, might not know who he is per se??! To market a movie behind, speaks utter volumes of how the current regime at Lucasfilm/Disney doesn't just doesn't get it at all. Announce a; Boba Fett or 'Mandalorian Wars' movie tomorrow on social media and see fans and the world's media at large, react to the news and then tell me Boba Fett isn't known to people?

  8. Seriously can't see Kathleen Kennedy going to Star Wars Celebration this year. The Venom quite literary in the air still and all negativity might crawl even into Disney's usually happy go lucky atmosphere at Celebration with all the cliched smiles everywhere's from audiences. One cannot realistically even see the usually happy Celebration crowd happy this year throughout its proceedings. Given Star Wars movies critically being so terrible at the box office as of late. And questions as to why Star Wars Rebels was cancelled, and why yet another show is being developed etc's!

  9. What really happened to Solo was the May release month. Star Wars films do much better when they release in December. The boycott by those childish toddlers who threw a tantrum when they didn't get the Episode VIII they wanted, didn't help, but it didn't hurt as much as the May release.

  10. The only way for disney to really learn is a complete boycott of ALL things disney. Don't support anything with their name attached. No movies, networks, toys, vacations ect, don't even let your kids see their stuff. Complete blackout.

  11. Someone needs to push Kathleen in a sarlacc pit. I'm sorry but she really doesn't seem to appreciate Star Wars or it's fans.

  12. I agree man … low budgeting and good directing would do just for boba fett … especially since he’s a lesser known character in the Star Wars universe , but possible later movies if the movie is a success then go all in

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