Star Wars Land Rockwork & Opening Dates for Disneyland & Walt Disney World – Disney News – 10/17/17

We discuss the latest news regarding Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Opening Dates and an update regarding the Rockwork within the new land. Additionally the official name for the Han Solo Anthology Movie, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.

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  1. 2:19 I think a Leia origin story would make the most sense to me. It would be an amazing story to see how she grew up on Alderaan and how she decided to take a role in public office as a senator. I know the book that came out recently would explore that in much more detail but it would be great to see this on the big screen.

  2. Yoda, would make a killer movie, I think. And going back into the Empire Strikes Back film would be awesome to find the hidden truths of Yoda and how he became a Jedi. The hidden Mickey was located in the part where Jack was talking about Galatic Credits and was shown on Kylo Rin’s body in the next screen.

  3. I like the Idea of bringing back the Gondolas to Disney world, I made out with my first girlfriend at Disney for years up there. I feel that Wall-E should be better represented, if at all, so lets make the Gondolas look like Wall-E with the Fire Extinguisher jet shooting them along all the Disney parks, it's at least what we could do for the little guy….

  4. 2:18 Hey Jack, I think they should do a boba fett movie. You can start it off as him as a little kid, seeing his dad die on the clones planet, then having to train at the clones planet, before he makes his own way in the world.. You might be able to break it into two movies, first part of his life, then end with his death scene. He is a favorite for a lot of people, without having received a lot of screen time. This would give his character some room to explore a character who can be written to be a very deep person.

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