Star Wars Live TV Show Big News & Update! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news that has all to do with the star wars live action tv series / star wars live tv show that is being written by John Favreau!. Recently we have learned even more about the new tv series and a big update as well that makes things a bit more clearer.


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  2. People forget Star Wars was an Experimental film, and Lucas was an Independent Film maker. The only way "Old Republic" will only happen via "Spin off". Its time for a "Darth Malgus", "Tar Vizlsa", "The Eternal Twins", standalone movie or series. Why is the New amazing Vader comic not a series, or a movie instead? That's some awesome content right there and is far more interesting than this Jon Favreau series. Why is the Old Republic left for the "Video games", but not being adapted to the films? That era is a goldmine spanning thousands of epic years, but we get this? The SW Universe is more vast than any other, but every focal point becoming the "Genesis of the First Order" and "The First Order era'". Its time for something else, so I'm more excited for Solo and Kenobi at this point. Ep9, Rian's saga, I'll pass. Jon Favreau is great, but I would love to see Him explore something more interesting.

  3. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for The Live Action Tv Shoe Series and I really like his work and his acting he’s very impressive on what he does and I would like to see the growing resistance is my favorite

  4. I'm still hoping for The Old Republic in any form (animation or live action)
    For now i'm into what's new: Ressistance animation and John Favreau live action where both are from sequel trilogy 🙂

  5. As long as it's a good story I'll wacth it. Heck, if it's anything like "game of thrones" it should be good.

  6. If they get to far away from the Jedi Sith conflict it will get boring. We need a balance of both force users and non force users.

  7. to call the sequels part of the Skywalker sage would have to indicate the Skywalker's are heavily involved. They had a cameo with reboot that happened to be a sequel.

  8. Aww crap the Live Action TV Series will take place 7 years after the Battle of Yavin 3 years after the Battle of Endor, I was so excited when I thought it was 7 years after Endor but now I have to settle for 3 years after Endor, Oh well could be worse It could be Old Republic.

  9. This is going to be great. It will be set around 3 years after Return of the Jedi, which means that Luke can't be in it because as far as I know, Luke was off gallivanting around the galaxy looking for artifacts, thinking about training more Jedi. I wonder who the new characters will be and what will they be like.

  10. So, Jon Favreau–a guy who is paid to work on TV and movies full time–is impressive because he can tackle more than one project at a time? To me that's like saying a mechanic is impressive for being able to work on more than one car at once.
    The difference being is Jon Favreau makes more in a year than what most of us will make in a lifetime and his working conditions are infinitely better.
    But, I've never been in that position so I don't know. Point is, he's getting paid quite a bit to do what he loves. I imagine he has time to write scripts and direct. In the end though, I wouldn't consider it impressive until I've seen the finished product.

  11. this series will not be canon because its post jedi i don´t consider anything set in the sequel trilogy era as canon i would prefer the star wars underworld tv series not a series post jedi since i don´t consider canon i don´t know if i want to see this series even if a see it and liked i still don´t consider canon if it was set in lucas sequel trilogy era i would consider canon but since its set in Disney sequel trilogy era than its not canon Disney sequel trilogy is non canon lucas sequel trilogy is canon

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