Star Wars News: Andy Serkis Reveals Snoke Info + Daisy Ridley will NOT play Rey after Episode 9!

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  1. I’m starting to wonder if Snoke will be some sort of Darth Nihilus-type character. Maybe all he’s looking out for is himself, and the reason he wanted Kylo Ren was to absorb his power to keep himself alive, but now that he sees Rey is more powerful, he thinks it will be more beneficial to seek after her, or perhaps both of them. Basically I’m thinking he would drain their life forces and use them to help rejuvenate himself.

  2. Great video Stormy! I agree that Rey/Daisy not coming back after Episode 9 doesn't mean she isn't a Skywalker. It would rather mean Episode 9 may be the end of the Skywalker Saga.

  3. I told you he is darker because he is not  natural  user …   he is more powerful too…he is  trying to restore himself  but he has  trouble doing it ..

  4. Smoke is nothing he is the guy behind the curtain we’re not to pay any antention to. Or else who the hologram who all the B S he is a shriveled up old prune

  5. Snoke is a force parasite,and or learnt how to do so.He may not be a natural "Force Sensitive" "dark side" user eitherm .

  6. The bigger question for those of us hoping for Reylo……will ADAM DRIVER be coming back after episode 9? That will tell a lot. At least……I think so lol

  7. I want to believe that Snoke is a great manipulator. He needs to get in the head of other people to accomplish what he wants. It seems he controls knowledge of the force to manipulate Kylo. Maybe by giving Ben Solo short cuts he was able to draw him away from Luke. But I feel like there has to be more reasons that Ben would turn from Luke besides that. I wonder if Luke and Leia and Han did something to make Kylo hate them that was exagerated by Snoke. If Snoke has such a weakness that his body is breaking down, why hasn't Luke destroyed him yet. It seemed that Leia and Han were aware of Snoke. I wonder how much Luke knows of Snoke. Does Snoke have something over Luke that has kept Luke from defeating Snoke. I would think the Luke that we last saw in Return of the Jedi would go after Snoke, instead of looking for the Jedi Temple, once he jacked up Kylo's mind.

  8. dam my father was really correct….bad idea for him killing he is mortal dying quickly…what the hell they wake me up for….to crumble again…THE SON

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