Star Wars News: John Boyega Confirms Rey & Finn are Back Together in Episode 9!

Welcome back to another news update Troops!
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*Big shout out to my buddy AO98 for pointing out this article!*

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  1. I kind of thought this was assumed. After TLJ I'm starting to doubt Finn is Force sensitive, though, even though TFA hinted at that possibility. Maybe that's just another plot point Rian Johnson dropped (I'm not anti-Johnson though)

  2. Also I sincerely hope they do not become a couple. My family hasn't been able to shut up about Finnrey since TFA came out, so now that the TLJ novel makes it canon that Finn has a crush on her, we are this close to descending into madness. Honestly they're just not right for each other. Their personalities are so different. It wouldn't be right

  3. I had an idea for Episode IX, Rey & Finn meet Mara Jade Skywalker & Luke's Son. Rey completes her Training with Mara Jade Skywalker and Finn trains with Luke's Son

  4. Rey wakes up and Finn steps out of the shower smiling at Rey and she smiles back at him like she's just awoke from a dream,episode VIII was just a nightmare

  5. I don't know about Finn and Rey getting together in a romantic sense. Especially after what happened between he and Rose. How is he supposed to forget how she demonstrated her loyalty to him. Plus remember how he ran to be Rose's side on the Falcon and tended to her.

  6. Great video Stormy! I really hope Finn will in fact turn out to be Force-sensitive, he & Rey will train together, fall in love and team up against Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren.

  7. Am I the only one who realized that when Rey closed the door on kylo ren at the end of the last jedi when he was asking her to join him, She pretty much cut off whatever interest she had in him there how am I the only one to notice that, Like for example When Somone stops liking you people will say "They Closed the door on You." So good news for us Rey finn Shippers

  8. So if Reylo does not happen I am done with Star Wars forever. Finn and Rey are not exciting and Finn is boring.

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