STAR WARS NEWS – Prequel Era Expanded + The Science Of Star Wars

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Article one by Jordan Ramée from GameSpot.
“Comic-Con 2018: Star Wars’ Prequel Era Canon Is Getting Fleshed Out”

Article two by Jessica Rawden from Cinema Blend.
“One Thing Star Wars Actually Gets Right About Science, According to Neil DeGrasse Tyson”

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  1. Neil Degrasses Tyson? Nobody cares!!! One minute they are shitting all over Star Wars then next they are telling us how wonderful it is while holding out their hands for more money. GIVE THEM NOTHING….the damage is done. Next week they will be telling us how Jar Jar Binks was a better character then Yoda. They are fucking with our heads one minute; and expecting us to pay for the privilege, and then they give us something that borderlines on being good until you look more closely at it. They are treating us like abused children….sometimes it's better to pack your things a go.

  2. On one hand, it’s nice that Disney is going to expand and acknowledge the Prequel era more, but it was already expanded quite a bit way before Disney decide all the books and comics that came out before they got the franchise didn’t matter.

  3. No just No, I refuse to pay for content already been told i'm not wasting money. It was a massive mistake them scrapping the EU for Canon instead of expanding on it.

  4. neil degrasse tyson is an Astrophysist who runs a planetarium and unlike in big bang theory that means he's not good enough for real research….so sick of this joke of a washed up scientist acting like he knows everything about everything when he isn't even that good at what he's suppose to do be an Astrophysicist.

  5. I am completely on board with an Obi-Wan trilogy as long as it uses most of the prequel actors and adds Ahsoka and the Rebels crew to the mix to liven it up.

  6. People are realizing that there is so much more depth and a bigger galaxy setting in the prequel era.

  7. GOOD DAY MATE! SC, The Science part of the Galaxy was interesting. How and If STAR WARS gets it Right also. If the Book's are Good possibly. Good Article and Break down of both. GOD BE WITH YOU! ❤✌💪

  8. We need to know more about Luke between Episode 3 and Episode 4.
    When was the first time he got laid?
    Has he ever gotten laid?
    Was it with a girl or a boy or an alien?
    Or perhaps a grown up sick piece of sh * t (Maybe James Gunn write, produce, direct and star in the scene).
    Does Luke identify as a boy or a girl or a toaster.
    What is between his legs?
    What is he attracted to?
    All this is sooo important to know.
    Disney S J W make this happen.
    WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

  9. Yeah, they already did a series of great books about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, so I don’t care about this especially since Claudia Grey is writing it. The Padme one will probably be dumb and SJW like the ones about Leia. Total pass on all of them.

    It’s not about just pumping out crap. It’s about telling stories with amazing characters and KennedyFilm doesn’t seem to get it. IMO the only stuff that’s come out since Disney bought Lucasfilm that’s at all worthwhile are Rebels and the upcoming Clone Wars. All because Dave Filoni is involved and he learned how to tell mythic stories from the Master himself. If Filoni wasn’t involved in bringing the Clone Wars back, I wouldn’t care about that either.

  10. I'm so tempted to be lured back to the Disney side.. Padme and Qui Gon, Clone Wars, etc, but nope I gotta be strong.. It's A Trap!

  11. I think the focus should be on episode nine. So much is contingent on the success of that movie, also the emphasis should be in uniting the fan base. So much could be repaired by acknowledging the legitimate points and issues brought up by disgruntled fans with TLJ. It's a mistake to keep introducing stories and directors willy nilly. If they fix the critical issues now this would create a bridge that many fans would happily cross to follow Disney to future Star Wars stories. Without that bridge of amends I don't believe these various projects will succeed.

  12. Star Wars is space opera. The technology just helps tell the story and fill the background. It's not supposed to be hard, semi believable science fiction like Star Trek and other SF shows .

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