Star Wars News Update: JJ Abrams Officially Returns to Direct Episode 9!

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  1. Another BIG MISTAKE by Kathleen Kennedy. She is not right for SW and is taking it in the wrong direction. They will not make a magical movie by stifling creativity from their writers and directors. These people need to be creative artists and allowed to experiment, things that Abrams can't do.

  2. I'm find with the it. When has been involved with it from the beginning.knows characters and actors. Alot of peoples fears was is writing but he's not writing it alone. Its become a bit of a fad to bust on JJ. For the few things he did wrong when he did alot of things write. As far as pace gose the pace fit the tone of that perfectly. I grew up on original SW and loved call backs in TFA mostly because I know history tends to repeat itself if different way. While yes Starkiller base was a uber death star it worked what I mean by that is TFO blew up the seat of the Republic's power a entire star system the ramifications of that we really won't see till EP 8. Only reason TFO "lost is because a Ex Stormtrooper recruit wouldn't give up on rescueing it friend and basically tricked rebels into letting him try and the force being with them.

  3. I kinda knew it was going to come down to JJ Abrams or Rian Johnson because their involvement with the trilogy. I hope he listen to some of the constructive criticism, I hope we don't see a Starkiller base 2.

  4. Great video Stormy! Part of me is excited that J.J. is coming back but another part is worried that he may screw the film up somehow. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

  5. JJ Doesnt deserve to return to that director chair for ep9, he made a very unoriginal movie in TFA. He no clear vision for where he wanted to take these characters, he simply made his movies very ambiguous and passed it on to the next director because he had no idea of what to do with the characters moving forward.

    Rian Johnson took up the challenge and he may have nailed it, hes certainly brought something original to the sequel trilogy, he sat down with his story group and drew inspiration from classic war movies, Gunga Din, Sahara, and a Akira Kurosawa classic called Three Outlaw Samurai, that proves this man Rian Johnson has tried very hard to get into the mind of George Lucas and really crack the mythology to bring us something totally original.

    JJ. Abrams doesnt work like that because he is a hack, sorry to say but I have seen nothing in that man's movies to prove to me that he can come up with his own ideas. When he first started working on TFA, why didnt Abrams take a similar approach as Rian and explore all the architypes and elements which inspired Lucas'. Because thats not Abrams syle and he has no imagination, he just chose to recycle plot elements from ep4 ANH. Should we really have this guy back to close our sequel trilogy!? I dont think we should.

  6. I don't know. Part of me wants to bring up some relevant quotes: for instance, "I sense a plot to destroy the sequel trilogy," "J. J. Abr-… Why does everyone want to go back to J. J. Abrams?!" or even just "I have a bad feeling about this." But I'm very forgiving and I pretty much am ok with anything star wars does. I mean, I grew up with both trilogies and I've actually seen the prequels more than the originals due to a lot if marathons that fizzled out halfway through. So the prequels are part of the star wars I know and I'm being introduced to this new trilogy now that I'm old enough to be skeptical, and that casts a negative light on TFA for better or worse. But then again, even though Abrams gave us a painfully safe movie in that one, it was what he was hired to do and he pulled it off well. Maybe if they tell him they want an epic finale in IX, he'll be able to do that too.

  7. Timing of JJ as Dir/Writer is strange, we can be negative and think Ryans Ep8 rough cut is BAD.
    Or take heart, could be rough plot has always.been in a Lucas vein. Everything mapped out way back by story group. After flop of Trevorors last movie, plus loss of Carrie Fischer wrt the plot want a steady hand to deliver the "meat" of the Sequel Saga in Ep9. If they get it wrong then franchise is "PooDoo!"….Disney does not like to lose "di Wanna Wonga". Hence JJ…I choose to trust him, else he and Disney are "Bantha Fodder".

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