Star Wars Rebels 4×13: A World Between Worlds – Reaction!

Kyle reacts to Season 4 Episode 13 of Star Wars Rebels: A World Between Worlds

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Written by frances

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  1. We got Rey, Yoda, All the Obi wans, Maul, Jynn, Maz, Leia, kylo, Kanan, Ahsoka, Anakin, Father, Daughter, Son, andmore all talking, as well as TIME TRAVEL! AAAAAHHHHH!!! 🙂

  2. Great, more ruining of star wars canon is just what we need… Of course the jedi have access to time travel, how else would they have been able to defeat Palpatine? Oh, wait…

  3. that is her, this is what i think, i think that after the duel with Vader, and was going down the temple steps i think she died from wounds that happened when they both fell down before ezra saved her, but when he pulled her out, thats when she was saved and lived.

  4. at first i thought the idea of time travel in star wars was the most stupidest idea ever but showing how deep and powerful the force is and how its done, it is AWESOME.

  5. This world does not deserve Filoni. He did the impossible…..time travel in Star Wars. ….. And executed it perfectly…….. Filoni is a god amongst man.

  6. There were some other voices: You could hear the Father at one point. There was also Chirrut Imwe saying "I am one with the Force and the Force is with me", there was also Hayden Christensen's Anakin saying "I won't lose you, Padme." And when Morai lands on Ahsoka's shoulder, you can hear the Daughter saying "I am the Daughter". And there was also Poe Dameron saying "I won't be intimidated by you."

  7. Why are these cartoons so much better than the new movies? Maybe when Pablo Hidalgo is in charge of Star Wars he will use time travel to fix the last Jedi..

  8. The circle where Palps was projecting had a sith symbol on it, im guessing Kanan scene was a trick by Palps to try to get Ezra to put his hand thru, because we see he cannot step in himself, not unless hes in conctact with Ezra, and we see this again when Palps grabs Ezra, hes starting to step thru, and when Ahsoka cuts, Palps hand is bashed out.

  9. What was amazing and emotional to me was the fact that what would have been Ahsoka's last act (before being saved by Ezra) was to save Vader/Anakin. Even despite the fact that he was about to strike her down, her last selfless act was to save her master from the explosion by breaking open the floor. He'd have been killed had she not done that.

  10. I wouldn't say its a force ability :/ More likely a sith ritual, remember Clone Wars Yoda's journey? There palpatine did the same thing

  11. This makes me wonder,if they might do something like this with Luke. I mean you hear Rey and Kylo's voices. I would not care as long as the bring Luke back ha ha. The past to episodes of Rebels are better than SJW.

  12. I just realized I really want the soundtrack when the temple gets destroyed. Wish we had season 3 and 4 soundtracks out there somewhere

  13. No shit ge filoni planned it out in advance that's the point of a show lmfao the shit this dude says must live in his mothers basement

  14. Awesome video bro it really hit home and it was like therapy after watching the last two intense episodes.

    But I must say easy on knocking Clone Wars it’s still the greatest in my books!

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