Star Wars Rebels Season 4 – Wolves and a Door & A World Between Worlds Episode Reviews

Ezra leads the crew of the Ghost on a mission to protect the Jedi Temple on Lothal, and finds himself in a mysterious new location. These episodes were crazy. Let’s talk about them!

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Star wars rebels save the star wars movies by showing how to save Luke Skywalker.
    Please use the time force to pull Luke Skywalker from Episode 8 of Star Wars and put him in the Episode 9 and save this franchise.

  2. They could go off and search for the rest of the portals and keep them from falling into the empires hands.

  3. You should do more reviews like you're doing for the rebel series, it's way better to hear your opinions alongside the descriptive material.

  4. this is incredibly STUPID and it doesn't fit in Star Wars THANKS DISNEY this shouldn't be a thing and now this stupid character is technically stronger than Luke

  5. After viewing these episodes, I'm now wondering if the Bendu is another form of the Father from the Mortis arc. If the Daughter is still able to have a presence with Mori.

  6. I think a good way to get rid off the force users and Thrawn is to have them go to the unknown region with Thrawn to explain the portals and stop an unknown threat from the unknown regions

  7. maybe Ezra and Ahsoka become the new "Son" and "Daughter" of Mortis, or Force Sentinals protecting the World Between Worlds/Realm of Gateways….

  8. Actually it looks like Vader killed her but Ezra saved her though the portal so she didn't do anything for 2 years… She was dead…and now she returned through the portal in the present time

  9. Story was pretty weak of this series. No one fall to the dark side, and plot twist were kinda boring compare to the story of KOTOR 1.

  10. I’ll bet anything that the “need a ride” line heard in the world between worlds was from “Solo.”

  11. Only Dave Filoni could bring freaking TIME TRAVEL into the Star Wars universe and actually make it convincing and cool.

  12. U know I'm starting to hate this show now, sigh like imperials not seeing ezra and sabine when they're out in the open for like 10 min.
    10+ imperials shooting them no bullets hit. Death troopers being utterly useless once again. Hard to watch tbh. U know the first ever female scout trooper seen on screen or even the female death trooper a while ago. U know could be awesome right? Nope they are both retards. Convenient first female scout trooper and sabine needed female armor. Are female troopers rare????
    Rest of the episode thou was great.
    I think they killed 20+ imperials when they closed the gate.
    Kind of weird they went to a group they didn't kill imperials to a group that does kill imperials.
    Damn they turned dark real quick.
    And I thought dark troopers were immune to mind tricks

  13. The imperial base also reminded me of the Devil's Tower base in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" especially with some of the easter eggs lines thrown in.

  14. Is that trippy psychedelic place that Rey ends up in during the Last Jedi film also this world between worlds?

  15. Anyone figure out what the daughter says as soon as Ezra unlocks the portal…or what is said after Ezra closes the portal?

  16. So great to have to wait a week to watch any content right now for fear of spoilers. A pox on whoever is responsible for us poor Canucks being a week behind on Rebels. Bah!

  17. Is the mirror in the dark side part of Ahch-To a portal to the world between worlds and is that why Luke didn't want Rey to go down there? It put Rey in a very odd state that seemed to be beyond both time and space, something we had never seen in Star Wars up until the Last Jedi.That was my first thought when I saw this episode.

  18. Was that episode at 5:43 from Season 6? I don't remember that scene at all! I really need to go back and rewatch Clone Wars again.

  19. NOW the Question is…..
    whats Daves NEW Cartoon of Star Wars in the future will be about?????
    WHAT IF it was a in between story of the Original Trilogy!?
    since clone wars focused on ObiWan, Anikan, and Yoda.
    Why not Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewie???
    and how about Captain Rex hangs with Luke telling him about his dad and the clone wars. and what if luke finds out in Empire Strikes Back and tells Rex about vader and MEETS Ahsoka only for her to realize he is the son of Anikan but doesn't tell until after Luke finds out AND Trains him Some……MAYBE?????

  20. 1:32 It’s not the best scene but the only one in this video. Look at the left next to sabines head. You se yoda in the middle, ki-adi-mundi to his right and I’m assuming mace windu to his left worshipping something. Pls like so Alex can see this

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