Star Wars! Reporter Responds To Big Star Wars News & More! Good or Bad

Lets go over some big star wars news that has all to do with disney star wars and whats been happening with the franchise over at lucasfilm involving the stand-alone movie such as the obi wan kenobi movie and the boba fett movie. Recently the collider report got many fans talking and now THR was able to clarfiy many things that seems like a good thing to me, they also briefly go over star wars episode 9 and the new star wars trilogy involving rian johnson and the creators of game of thrones.




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  1. I do not understand how they can be so daft and these also applies to fans. The original three had a serious tone, the humour was brilliant as it was almost always subtle, except for the ewoks. The reason the new trilogy is so despised by many of us is that it’s become a politically correct Star Wars spoof. The SW universe we loved had hit woman tied up to giant slugs, they did not worry about it being sexist or inclusive, they simply had good characters both male and female. The new trilogy has another major problem, the new characters are invincible, Ray can use the force immediately so there is no growth or risk, She wins every time. The new movies must go back to being a serious yet fun experience where the story makes sense and lives are at real risk.

  2. How to make Star wars successful fire kathleen kennedy and Rian Johnson and hire actually good directors and keep JJ Abrams

  3. Why can’t Disney tell a quality Star Wars story? If there is someone out there who can help restore the dignity of the franchise, please help. I’m about ready to submit a vote to the fan base for a call of no confidence against Disney/Kathleen Kennedy for its management of the franchise.

  4. Cool.
    Disney should of just finished Lucas story the way it was supposed to end. Then take their own path with new films.
    Good job.

  5. I think they are waiting for Star Wars Celebration for the roadmap if not necessarily the announcement of Star Wars 2020

  6. DISNEY, cancel Rian Johnsons trilogy and fire him.
    The Last Jedi was the only reason that the SOLO movie bombed.
    Why can't you understand this???

  7. II think it's about time the media and Disney address the main issue that being The Last Jedi and the fans anger, it's nice that media seems to point out Solo's failure, but they really don't talk much about how the fans have been enraged by last jedi and it's contributing to Solo's demise.

  8. it's no longer about making more money after TLJ and Solo boycotting by people. Disney seen it and now they are deciding to aproach differently for any future movies like Obi-One and Boba Fett movie + the rest. Nothing is cancel yet but the only thing that MAY be, is Rian's trilogy.

  9. This is good news. Basically what they are saying is KK is on a short leash. Makes sense since she’s the reason they waste so much money. All these spinoffs were in the writing stage so nothing lost. Everything is riding on Episode IX. I don’t think we’ll see a road map until then and if KK is gone. My hope is Disney is going around KK and are getting more ppl like Jon Favreau bcuz she has to much power and such a lack of vision or care.

  10. What seems obvious to me is that all the STAR WARS main saga story writing needs to be under a single person. Whatever is done in the next trilogy is going to control the story line of the succeeding trilogy. Assuming the next trilogy is not a total bust.

    George Lucas has put writers on screenplays after he wrote the treatment. So, George was controlling the overall direction of the films, and the individual writers were producing the detail of the scripts.

    As for Rian Johnson, I gather his strength is not in story but rather in the look of the films. If he was given decent scripts, he would likely produce attractive films. He could be thought of as a Michael Bay style director. Nice images, but little talent for story.

    If Disney is going to produce the profusion of films they desire, they will need to have a second story man producing film treatments from a second part of the Star Wars universe. Initially this effort would perhaps focus on Obi one and maybe a more intelligent restart of the Solo stories. A Solo series could resemble a James Bond series, with them evolving thru successive actors playing the role.

  11. How to make a Boba Fett movie do good at the BO? Don't cast shit actors, don't fire your director 80% through it's production.. Fire Kat Kennedy, and punch Ryan Johnson in the eye, or keep him away from a camera and movie budget. ABOVE ALL – LISTEN TO THE F**KING FANS and STAY WITH CANON. (edited for derp)

  12. Or hey, how about asking George "Listen, we know you're retired and all but, can you PLEASE help up fix this f**ck-up?"

  13. Disney thought they were immune and out of reach of an effective boycott… They were wrong.

    They should publicly apologize to the fans for denigrating them, publicly fire KK and RJ, and publicly renounce and dump the SJW agenda. MAYBE Then SW fans would then change things… But not until then.

  14. Stop worrying about hurting RJs feeling and fire him and stop his trilogy…He didnt give a shit about us or SW. Please dont give a shit about him….

  15. Disney: How do we make more money.
    Consultant : I know, how about we let go Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy.
    Disney: nope
    Fans :😑😡😵😲😒😞😭👿

  16. The CRYIN' Johnson Trilogy will be a disaster. Low general public awareness and a fan no show will make it a non event.
    Boba Fett hunting Obi-wan would be interesting. A cat and mouse chase across systems. His hatred of Jedi would make him rabid.


    1. Announce Kathleen Kennedy's firing ASAP
    2. Announce Rian Johnson's firing / the canceling of his trilogy ASAP
    3. Publicly apologize to fans for attacking us
    4. Fire the ENTIRE Lucasfilm Story Group minus Dave Filoni
    5. Make Dave Filoni head of creative as you announce a new CEO for the business side of Lucasfilm

    Do these things NOW and you can START to make amends and get this franchise back on track. Your "marketing" and "franchise fatigue" yada yada concerns are BULLSHIT. Those are NOT the problem. Do the above things to address the real problems.

    #FireKK #FireRJ #Apologize #FireLSG #DaveFiloniHeadOfCreative

  18. I'm a huge Boba Fett fan and really want to see a movie about him as long as they do it right. There is so much great content in the books and comics they could pull from. There is also a set of Fett books that are incredible. They are a story dying to be made into a movie!

  19. Now this is my opinion. I don’t think the Obi-Wan/ Bobba Fett movie could work. Here is why, the whole time Obi-Wan was in exile he never used his lightsaber until episode IV in the cantina. Now this is according to the “ Journal of Old Man Kenobi.”
    As for a Bobba Fett movie if it’s done right it will do great. Make it rated R and let’s see how he be came the most feared and the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.
    As for an Obi-Wan movie. If they go off the Journal of old man kenobi it’s going to be a boring movie like TLJ was. Because all he did was chill out fuck up jabbas crew every know then save Luke once or twice. Now the only thing that would make worth while is if they would add stories from the Clone war in it between beating up jabbas crew. Again my opinion thanks for hearing me out. I really do enjoy your videos bro.

  20. OK, I've had enough, as one that was a kid when Star Wars first aired i.e. episode IV had to wait 3 years for the next and so forth, then had to wait 20 years to get Jar Jar, am really pissed at the trolls that think they own the franchise. Yes, Luke was screwed! Yes the plot sucked, but all I had was books and comics for many years, and watching Rogue One at this moment makes me realize there are still great stories to be told. Not all of the books or comics were good, but some were great, so give it a chance, we all need to have faith, its our only hope!

  21. Hey Mike, are Disney going to be more austere in budgeting these new half-a-block limp-balloon-buster D-movies?…

  22. Disney/Lucasfilm should have shifted Solo to December. December is Star Wars month. No other movies do as well in December than Star Wars. Boba Fett was not necessary but the Obi Wan Kenobi will so well, guaranteed.

  23. They really need to rehabilitate the Jedi image. They never really established what a fully functional Jedi Knight can do outside of what Luke built upon in the EU. If Disney wanted to do Flash Gordon or Game of Thrones then why did they buy the Star Wars franchise? The Jedi Knights should be integral to every Star Wars movie. Otherwise, you have a bunch of new personalities constantly shuffled into the mix, a lot of pointless suicide missions where nothing is resolved. I'm not even sure what the First Order stands for, or what the rebellion is about. The overmatched space battle from TLJ made no sense at all. Why didn't Luke take on Snoke in the first place?

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