Star Wars! Rian Johnson Didn’t Want Luke Powerful For This Reason! (The Last Jedi)

Lets go over star wars the last jedi when it comes to director Rian Johnson and character Luke Skywalker the jedi master portrayed by mark hamill!. In a feature called balance of the force rian goes over the force and why he didn’t want luke to do some crazy things and how that would define the force.


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  1. So, according to Rian Johnson, The Force is only a super power if Luke Skywalker uses it? But it's not super power-ish at all for Leia to survive an explosion and fly practically comatose through space, or for Rey to overpower a fully trained Jedi and levitate hundreds of boulders at once with basically no Jedi training herself? Well, sure. Okay.

  2. Rian Johnson clearly hated Star Wars and wanted to destroy it. That idea would have been amazing so naturally he didn't want it.

  3. JJ needs to find a way ro bring Luke back. Fix this or theyre going to lose a lot of fanbase. Who wants to see Reylo the rubber match??

  4. This guy keeps talking and makes his mess worse…it’s not a superpower…but a little green guy can pull an X-wing out of a swamp….Leia can fly through space and survive what would kill all others….Rey can suddenly defeat a trained Jedi/dark side Kylo….I guess size does matter and Luke’s mastery if the force can only be stopped via the writing of Rian Johnson….

  5. Come on. He's the director. If he don't want Luke to start pulling Star Destoryer from the sky, he can just don't do it. What is this nonsense about not wanting the force to be a superpower? The guy screw up and he just don't want to admit it.

  6. The film's 3rd act seemed a bit off with only 15/20 resistance fighters left. That does not ring true to spark a full scale army to fend off The First Order.

  7. Vader states that "the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force". Isnt the force sapose to be a super power?

  8. Wait…Rey being able to MOVE A MOUNTAIN…LITERALLY ….is not a superpower??? In the SPACE OF ABOUT 1 week??? ( the space of both movies)

  9. Luke can’t pull star destroyers out of the sky but yoda can make a clear day cloudy and control lightning

  10. it's because Cryin' Johnson is too inept to write himself out of the corners he wrote his own ass into to start with.

  11. Plus, Rey can't be upstaged by any man, cuz that would be SEEEEEXXXIIIIIIST, making Luke a PIIIIIIG! And Kennedy couldn't EEEEEEEVEEEEEER let something so UUUUUNREEEEAAAALISTIIIIIICLYYYYYYYYYYYY portray a WOOOOOOMAAAAAAAN!

  12. R.J. ruined the Skywalker legacy and probably Star Wars single-handedly with one ridiculous movie. Honestly though, I also can't believe Lucasfilm allowed it. It's almost as if he never watched/grew up with the Star Wars franchise. I know he "played up" himself being a super fan but seeing what he did with it…. I find it very hard to believe. Luke Skywalker should have been the end all be all Jedi in my opinion. I was so excited to see him just lay waste like we've never seen and then…. Poof… Nothing. He's just a crabby old man trying to send soup back at a diner. Seriously it was so easy… Just give people what they wanted instead of "Well… I realize this has worked for 40 years but let me show my artsy, over thought interpretation"! Ugh!! I dunno… Rant over… Lol Hopefully JJ can somehow jump in Doc's DeLorean and go back and find a way to recover this mess… 😕

  13. It just gets worse and worse. Rian Johnson is a detestable cum bucket. I hope he gets fucked by a pack of rabid Boars, potato head pig he is.

  14. Luke Skywalker who trained with Yoda to become a powerful Jedi… Who did Rey trained with? I have nothing against Rey, but come on Disney you ruined everything what is Star Wars. I guess I was hoping for too much. ☹️😩

  15. Luke's character assassination and pointless death are merely the cherries on the top of a poop sundae. It is bad writing, fueled by bad decision making, extending from a writer that was not in control of his own story, sanctioned by executives that have little understanding of coherent storytelling (hint: You could have made more long-term money by making Luke and Rey get along). Ultimately, it didn't jive with the Force Awakens OR any of the other previous movies and Rian Johnson will live the rest of his life being known as the guy who was handed a golden goose, to then promptly kill it and serve it to unsuspecting guests for dinner.

  16. You don't make Luke powerful because the force would be a superpower, yet you make Leia Mary Poppins across space? Bullshit, Luke died for feminism

  17. Who can ever make heads or tails of these directors, ugh, we are talking about the same movie where force weilders can escape death through becoming ghost, and reigning lightning down from the skies!? Hmmmm, levitation, super human reflexes, catching fish with a 50 foot spear, etc…Rian Johnson is High.

  18. Doesn't anyone remember Yoda's words to Luke? Size does not matter and he lifts out Luke's starfighter up and into the air. If size does not matter and Luke only heeding his training and doing only what he was thought by Yoda, how is that a superpower?

  19. And yet Rey master's the use of a light saber and lifts a mound of boulders with no training, Leia flies through the vacuum of space with no training. Rian must have directed only half of the movie.

  20. Theres no continuity in this new trilogy. Rey is from a desert planet an never seen water, yet knows how to swim in last jedi! Finn tells bb8 he doesn't speak droid in TFA, then understand everything bb8 says in last jedi! TF!

  21. RJ decides not to do what could have saved the film. What a tool. Force-pulling the supremacy onto krait would have been awesome.

  22. I don't agree with Luke being way over powered but what RJ did was a disservice to Star Wars and Luke fans everywhere

  23. Wow! Rian Johnson has really done it! He has murdered Star Wars! Our beloved franchise is being ruined by him, Jar Jar Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and Disney! These are the reasons my faith in Star Wars has faded!

  24. Blind we are if creation of “The Last Jedi” by Rian Johnson we could not see

    Star Wars: I think it is time we inform our fans that our ability to use the Force has diminished

  25. To be fair, if Luke was pulling Star Destroyers out of the sky and all that, there wouldn't really be any threat what with Snoke biting the dust.

  26. If Rian Johnson didn't want the Force to be look at as a superpower that Luke has, I wonder was he aware that in the clone wars animation series that Mace Windoo had the power to wipe out an entire legion of Droids with one Force Push??? Certainly Johnson could have let Luke's character be more powerful than that!!! Especially since those set of sequels where about the Skywalkers anyway.

  27. So Leia flying through space isn't a "superpower"? Rian Johnson DOES NOT UNDERSTAND Star Wars at all ! 🙁

  28. I think I'm at the point I don't care anymore. I just get mad thinking about it so its time to think of something else. The creeps got Star Wars ill enjoy other things. Hopefully I'm dead before they get everything else I'm a fan of. 😂

  29. What do I think? I think Rian Johnson is a fucking idiot! Luke is the son of Anakin, the only individual ever conceived miraculously by the force. Luke SHOULD be overpowered as a master jedi, there is no other jedi like him, even Leia since she didnt train!

  30. Basically rian took everything the audience would want to see and threw it out the window because he wanted to inject his pretentious fuckery into the franchise.

  31. THIS IS WHY WE LOVE JEDI, they are like super heroes! How does this man NOT understand this franchise

  32. God damn it! Does this guy even know how stupid he sounds?? Does he even know anything about Star Wars??

    Didn't want to make the Force a Super Power?? What in the actual fuck??

    That's exactly what it is!

  33. RJ is just trolling the fans at this point. I mean, I don't hate TLJ. It honestly kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. But the sequel trilogy isn't gonna end with ANY of the original characters, which kinda sucks. I have nothing against Rey, Finn, and Po. But let's face it, ep9 would be so much better if it could end with Luke being the hero. Assuming Snoke is Darth Plageuis and he found a way to basically become immortal, it would take a Jedi equally as powerful in the force to take him down. That should have been Luke. Oh well. I'll still see ep9 opening day and so will everyone else.

  34. Just goes to show, how weak of a director R. Dick is overall, his lack of invision and too worried how powerful a man would be portrayed… He is so weak and Disney is ultimately responsible.

  35. Stupid rian johnson ! We had yoda taking big space ships out of the sky in clone wars! It would have been an epic and heroic death of luke if he fought of the whole fleet to save the resistance !

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