Star Wars SJW message spreading like a STD through Hollywood

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. They just tried to do an LGBT movie but these same SJWs had a fit because it was Scarlett Johansson in the title role instead of a real female to male transgender of which there's a long list in holly wood and they're all named Chaz Bono

  2. The main problem with this "reboot mania" that has been taken Hollywood for the last years, is that all reboots are for SJW crap. Take loved franchises and make it into SJW crap. And if you don't like it, they call you names, say that you are not the "target for the movie", etc. First, why take a movie where most of the fan base are males and try to force this franchise to be made for females? What's wrong in having a franchise where most of people who like it are man? and now what? Are they going to make man like Barbie dolls now? Why not make a whole new franchise instead of trashing the old and existing fandom? Fans started to being tagged as "haters", but that's what happen when you take all the lore created on the previous and loved stories and throw into garbage to make it into political-sjw crap. And on this new reboots, you just see gender bending, race bending, all to fill "diversity" quotas instead of make new characters and focus on the most important thing: create a good story and character development. I remember the movies on 80', 90' and some on 00', where lots of them made me leave the theaters with the feeling that "I had a good time, really watched an enjoyable movie", now lots of movies, feels like they are just throwing political crap on my face and destroying the good memories with franchises that I loved when I was a kid.
    Hell, if the gender and race is the main thing that decides if the movie is good or bad, then I'm all in for hiring a "gay dwarf black African that was born in Cuba and it's alpine and also transgender and have purple hair", that's the type of representation that we need on Star Wars!
    Even on the new Star Wars we can't see anything original, they keep calling it the last part of the Skywalker Saga, but we don't have any Skywalker as main character, this is not Skywalker Saga, it's just a Rose Tico saga mixed with Ghostbusters reboot, with the same death star, same millenium falcon fighting scenes, same things that happened on Empire Strike Again and TROJ and just changed the main characters to female mary sue, gay pilote, mental ill activist asian, a black guy who doesn't know what to do, and a unloved purple hair with mild wife crises and white man who just act like man babies (Rian Johnson really loves man babies). With all the lore already established on the Star Wars universe, it's insulting to see this poor quality of story telling on this new movies.

  3. There are mountains of original scripts in Hollywood. The main reason so few ever get made is simple: FEAR. Fear of losing money, and fear of missing out on the latest big money train. Billions of dollars are on the line, and all the studios are run by CEOs and boards who have little to no skill in recognizing a good story. They're businessmen. So they usually avoid original material that doesn't have some kind of built in audience, and they usually chase sequels or copycats because they seem like safer bets. Fear runs Hollywood. Thankfully these days, technology makes it possible for new film makers to make and distribute films without Hollywood to kickstart their careers.

  4. 10:26 doesn't seem like there's some kind of discrimination against heterosexuals nowadays? it's almost as if the SJW/Progressive Left establishment wants everyone to be gay for some reason

  5. Way to speak the truth and also thank you for not sugar coating it like some of these other wanna be youtubers who are afraid to truly voice their opinion. Disney Star Wars is a pile of crap. Lack of genuine story, lack of character progression, rehashing old cliche's, character sabotage, SJW and feminist antics galore…Even my nephews and nieces HATE IT. CHILDREN…HATE IT. If kids know your movie is garbage, you are doing something seriously wrong.

  6. I'll take this opportunity to "come out" as well. I am a male lesbian. There….I said it. And the true injustice of it all is that my "group" isn't even considered to be a group. That's how far off the radar I am. No representation AT ALL! Male lesbians…..we are ignored and forgotten.

    Great video! True, Hollywood is bankrupt for ideas….even though my local bookstore has TONS of potential screenplays. They're not even smart enough to mine that wealth of material.

  7. i am so proud of you Craig you finally came out. let me join you ….. i am a fire breathing amethyst dragon. just thought it was time to let everyone know
    i identify s a fire breathing amethyst dragon

  8. That was so brave of you to come out as HETEROSEXUAL. You've given me the courage to come out too. I am a PARAPHILIAC, I love smooth pebbles. Pebbles from a lake, stream, the beach, a pond. Pebbles every where and I love touching them, stroking them. I want to marry as many pebbles as possible.

  9. They are now doing the same thing with Star Wars Battlefront 2 as well, the SJW crowd want gay, bi, lesbian and trans characters implemented in the game

  10. As a black man this is appalling. Who actually gives a f* about those numbers. Giving out jobs based on race gender affliction or sexual preference is stupid and hurts everyone. Just get the best for the job so hat we can have the best products.. in this case movies.

  11. There's not enough Women plumbers, sprinkler techs, truck drivers, equipment operator's, 3d modelers, 3d artists, carpenter's, welders ,racecar drivers and farmers! Why is that They can do all them jobs! Oh that's it Jobs! I figured it out! Handjobs vrs jobs you decide!

  12. the problem is I woke up one day and America has become super racist. im not white, im Puerto rican but I look white. fact number one America every day is turning anti white. America is becoming anti straight. America is becoming anti man. so you are totally s.o.l if u resemble anything that is white/ straight/ male at this point that is the truth about how racist America has become. plus they want to take guns aways. these facts are no secret in this day and age.also I love how people are quick to bring up statistics but forget to mention who's populations are bigger and the fact that historically males have always been more outgoing in every careers from hunter gather to you name it. Pray someone like Trump raises awareness of the problem plaguing america at some point even if its during his second term.

  13. Glad you came out mate, that took alot of guts these days. 😅 if you want acceptance , just tell them your a lesbian trapped in a mans body .

  14. I think we shouldn't fight them over this for a while and just let 'em keep going 'till all the studios are dead-in-the-water for lack of male viewership. That includes the new Star Wars, unfortunately. What a nightmare!

  15. So right. It's gotten so bad with films that I limit myself to 1 or two films in the theaters every year. I haven't seen any of the Jurassic world films in theaters. With the millions of novels they have out there, you would think that they would adapt some novels into films or series ( Game of Thrones) And how many times are they going to milk Batman's nipples ? Jesus…give Batman a rest. Now some films do deserve remakes or sequels…but let some decades past….just like they did with Tron. Give me The Black Hole remake ( one of my favorite films ) I guess you could say Event Horizon was The Black Hole remake without the robots of course.
    Hollywood really needs a revolution.

  16. I have no way of knowing for certain, but I bet there are a lot of original ideas in Hollywood. The real problem is that the executives who control the purse strings want more of the same movies that already made them money. They have no desire to take a chance on a new idea.

  17. Craig IS Straight! He's Heterosexual! Wow. Kudos to you! Yes. dumb – dumb – dumb – BS – BS – BS! I agree with you. Film investors follow the money…and the money doesn't give a rats ass if you're Male or Female. The follow the risks & business acumen. And to the women referenced in your video/article…what about ALL the Women in film from its invention till now. Guess they don't mean anything to you! People go to movies to be entertained and forget their lives for two hours. Go sulk under a blanket because the world doesn't care about you. Harsh words but true. Pampered people can't handle reality.

  18. How about strong women with respect and class, rather than an attitude like the ones on WW fight night? The Hollywood writers grow up on pathetic comic books and writing, rather than to read the classics to find out what good writing and imagination really is.

  19. Just wondering, if the higher-ups that control Bollywood – are they obsessed with inclusivity?
    Same with Chinese cinema – are they as well?

  20. I never, ever, EVER trust any article or series of words written by a woman(besides, of course, those ones in our community who clearly ARE NOT insane). They get way into that SJW shit in a way that even traitorous soyboy male "feminists" dont. This SJW shit, this racism and sexism against us and our people, has gone WAY TOO FAR. Its time to make a stand; we dont budge an INCH anymore, in fact, we take back the ground we gave up at all costs. This is what happens when you cowtow to liberals, people. They get more and more uppity and scumbaggy and demand more and more – until you're left with nothing of your own, until no white people are in any industry anymore. See south africa as a PERFECT example of what the SJW scum want to do to us. And these hysterical bitches and cuck soyboys are useful idiots that mostly dont even understand they the sort of evil they are doing. They need to be severely punished nonetheless.

  21. Star Wars fans are the nerds of the class. SJWs are the lazy troublemakers with low grades in the class. Now you ask the lazy bully troublemakers students to entertain the nerds. Not going to work.

  22. SJW storyline.
    * An abandoned little girl is abandoned, she starts a pointless journey, she discovers she has powers she masters without training, and defeats the villain without effort.
    * What stories recycled it?
    * Rey in Star Wars
    * A wrinkle in Time
    * Buffy reboot
    * She Ra reboot
    * Tomb Raider reboot

  23. What made Alt Right evil in XX century was discrimination. SJWs political correctness is about discriminating heterosexual white males. Quite a racist, sexist, heterophobic paradigm. Suddenly the racist sexist and heterophobic leftist SJWs are the Alt Right…

    As a non white I refuse to discriminate heterosexual white males.

  24. Latin America is not a country or a race. It is about 20 countries with different races and different cultures.

    Naming "latino" or "hispanic" for race is like putting 300 million people inside a race check box.

  25. Why do the first order troopers look like their fucking wearing sunglasses. That’s the real problem. Hollywood wants stormtroopers to have sunglasses

  26. I just watched infinitely wars and I'm so angery, devistated and upset. What a piece of crap…..they really out did themselves in slimey b's… is wrong with the movie industry today.

    Why are they distroying everything I hold dear?….all our heros (black panther, guardians of the galaxy, avengers, doctor strange, thor, etc………oh ya Star Wars too) even the way the stories all go…just wtf…I can't stop crying I hurt so deep…I am glad I didn't watch it at the theater…. I would have demanded my money back or came out slamming things around. I feel so very deeply hurt inside. It's like loosing Luke Skywalker but 1000 times more deeply.

    I'm almost afraid to watch any more movies coming out of Hollywood from this point on…..really why would I waste my time….and that was time I will never get back from watching this movie….

    Life is hard enough…..without going through such pain….

    Disney I'm out….. if your watching and you want to distroy yourself, good more power to ya, which looks like that's what you're doing, and a pretty good job of it too. I'm boycotting all your movies now…all of them…..this was the last straw….this is my opinion only…guess others liked infinity wars movie just like they liked TLJ….

  27. As if pedowood movies are already not bad enough, now they are doing studies into how to make them much much worse. I didn't think that was even possible.

  28. Er, I am Disabled. I am not part of "The Disabled Community". I don't even know what that is. I don't habg out with other DIsabled people and talk about disabled topics.

  29. Lol. Good!
    Dollars to donuts if we did a comparison we'd find there was more Diversity in the 80's and 90's. And that's WITHOUT SJW's going around screaming at everypne.
    Lesson to learn: if it isn't broke don't mess with it. Go away SJW's… we don't need you!

  30. SJW’s are a plague on the world. We must find the disease origin and cure it. Eradicate the host, quick…who is it??

  31. They're the ones attacking us and what we like, yet claim to be victims. I was a Star Wars fan for 20 years, just minding my own business while enjoying my beloved franchise and suddenly these assholes come out of nowhere, and tell me I'm a toxic male for not liking their stuff. Or liking my stuff. Or both, I don't know, these people aren't exactly rational to begin with.

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