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The lowdown on all the latest happenings in the world of TV and Film, 07/08/18.

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Written by frances

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  1. I’m actually really glad they chose black mask, he’s a awesome character, he’s kinda scary and has a temper (as well as a whole criminal underworld ) and it would be cool to see him again in later DCEU films as well, so I think introducing him in birds of prey would be awesome.

  2. I’m hoping the super girl movie is gd but idk it could be though depending on the casting,story and villain. Hopefully they make a better supergirl movie than any superman movie this far. I’ll stay optimistic I guess.

  3. How’s birds of prey a Harley Quinn spin off she ain’t even in it in the comics and doesn’t belong with the birds. Atleast it’s a gd villain although I don’t think he’s even gone against the birds before in the comics and I was kinda hoping they’d do a chuck dickson comics birds of prey movie.

  4. Unfortunately I think there’s not gonna be a good costume for super girl and she’ll be more covered up than a Muslim in Saudi Arabia

  5. I just want to bring him to Morton's Steakhouse and buy him the biggest steak possible. Eat young man! JK. I'm not really body shaming you. Just a little fun bro bro. I'm chubby enough for both of us.

  6. not to offend, but, was that a real person?
    or some kinda advanced anime CGI host?
    cause… um… he looks… ummmm… weird?
    and thats a good thing IMHO,

  7. Black Mask has the potential to be a great, somewhat eccentric villain. So long the script is good, it'll always be better than your powerful run-of-the-mill, take over the world/beam in the sky bullsh!t

  8. I just hope it is the good mandalore from the book series and not the shit one from the clone wars tv series.

  9. Supergirl 100%
    El hombre de acero 2 trailer 2019 y tambien la liga dela justicia supergirl y superman 100% 2020

  10. They need to reboot and recast Superman bcos after seeing MI Fallout it's clear that Henry Cavill was born to play James Bond and needs to take up the mantle asap. Thanks for playing Daniel Craig. Also….how does one make a live action Sonic The Hedgehog film???? He's an anthropomorphic hedgehog! Live action means real people doesn't it?

  11. Someone for the damned love of God call Kathrryn Winnick tell her she needs to audition for the role of Black Cannary. And tell Megan Fox she should try out for the Hundreds in that movie.

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