Star Wars The Last Jedi Balance Of The Force! Dark & Light

Lets go over star wars the last jedi and the new imax promo piece for the film that gives even more hints that the balance of the force will be a thing were our characters will embrace both the dark side & the light! We heard this lightly by Rey as a hint of sorts in the star wars the last jedi teaser trailer, also snoke in the new star wars the last jedi awake trailer says…darkness rises & light to meet it!. Hwoever in this promo piece both lightsabers of Rey and Kylo Ren are fused!.



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  1. If this is The shocking truth' it would be a monumental let down… I think the writer/director Rian is far smarter than that… Or at least i hope he is…. The balance part of this movie is no revelation, all the marketing points to it….

  2. Luke is the balance
    Rey is the Light
    Kylo is the dark
    but since Kylo strugles with his lightside left than he will become new light
    and Rey will become a new dark because of her unstable super force power
    that switch between sides will make Luke as another form of the balance, the new form that is different after that sides switch.

  3. To me, Star Wars was always a fairy tale, with good fighting bad. I am very sceptical about these attempts to "complexify" the plot: in the end, it will probably neither be a work of art, nor good fun, but just something amorphous and out of tune with the previous movies.

  4. In the poster if you use your imagination it's like a scale with those two lightsabers. And Luke is the weight on the scales being both light and dark. Hence Luke is the balance.

  5. @Mike Zeroh Look closely at the Pretorian Guard on the IMAX displays they have red on the weapons could that be glow from kyber crystals? Infused into the weapons maybe???!

  6. I think I got it. Everyone's wrong. The "dark" Luke is really…*dun, dun, dun* Luuke Skywalker, the clone made from Luke's lost hand from the last book in the Thrawn trilogy.

  7. Rey and Kylo are brother and sister. Twins run in the family. Luke told Han and Leia that Rey was killed in the fire when Kylo burned the Temple. Luke then hides Rey on Jakku to hide her from Snoke, just as Yoda and Obi Wan hid Luke and Leia from Palpatine.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised & very much expecting luke to use force lighting in TLJ probably against snoke & only for a short Burst (Period of time) & play it off real cool, Like it's a force ability he has mastered force quiet some time now!

    Just let that sink in 😉

  9. Embracing the light and the dark can only work if it is used to defeat evil. In the war of good versus evil good must finally win. This relates to Heaven and Hell, ultimately with Heaven being the place for good souls. Those who do not embrace the good, go to hell. Bringing balance must mean to defeat evil. Embracing the dark must then be additive in power to defeat the dark/evil. Huh, just thinking out loud for a minute (LOL)

  10. This “balance” concept is such a stupid 14-year old fantasy… that one could obtain both the light and the dark, but still be “good” at the same time. Do a little good, do a little evil, as long as the good guys win? Really wish this nonsense would stop.

    George Lucas clearly stated that “balance” in the force means the elimination of the Sith and the cleansing of the dark side. He states, “The Sith/dark side are like a cancer to the force, always manipulating it to their own will. The Jedi have more of a symbiotic relationship with the force, always trusting the force over their own personal ideas of gain or emotion. That is true balance.”

  11. This is what a lot of us have been saying since after TFA. That part of the story, at least, is fairly predicable.

  12. My theory is that the Jedi have only been exploring one very narrow view of the Force, as stated by Palpatine in the prequels. I think what Luke and Rey will discover or what Luke has potentially already discovered is that not everything that the Jedi have labelled as "evil" may necessarily be harmful.

    Perhaps, there are examples of Force users who have used what is perceived by the Jedi as evil to do good. For instance, Anakin wanted to find a way to bring Padme back to life or at least save her from near-death, because he loved her, which isn't a bad thing at all. His intentions were good, but no one among the Jedi has helped him explore that aspect of the Force. Instead, Palpatine took advantage of his vulnerable state for his own ends. The same likely happened to Kylo/Ben.

    Basically, bringing balance to the Force will likely mean embracing a larger view of the Force, so that the Snokes and Palpatines of the world would have a tougher time converting guys like Anakin and Ben to their dark ways. Essentially, they will teach the Jedi to be more responsible with the Force instead of constraining them the way the Jedi have done in the past.

  13. Mike, paraphrasing my 7yr old daughter; “Mike, is Rey bad? Is Kylo good? is Luke’s grandpa, Snoke? Can you tell us?” Thanks Mike! -Proud Papa of a Star Wars Fan ?? ?‍???

  14. Not sure if it is me, but I hear three different voices in this trailer quote, "Darkness rises and light to meet it." sounds like three different characters spliced together. Darkness (Not sure yet who this is) Rises (sounds like Palpatine) and the light to meet it (Definitely Snoke). If anyone caught on to this, do you think any significance or clues? (EDIT: OOps didn't see someone commented on the same thing. They said Obi might be the Darkness one.)

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