Star Wars The Last Jedi Exciting News & More!

Today we go over some star wars the last jedi news that has to do with the release of the star wars the last jedi trailer and how it ties in with the advance purchases of the star wars the last jedi tickets. You may be wondering how to buy the last jedi tickets, most of it will be done on and




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  1. I'm gonna be going on STAR WARS SATURDAYS DECEMBER 16TH for The Last Jedi. I'm gonna talk with REGAL Tonight about that IF that's ok with them and you my STAR WARS Youtube friends.I'm so happy REGAL is doing something LIKE this. I also found out the REGAL near me are celebrating. BUT I'll be going for STAR WARS SATURDAYS. My very early BIG Christmas gift. Thank you Mike so very much. You're so cool. One thing though, what has happened to THE LAST JEDI POSTER? I was surfing Facebook and no post and/or no sign of the poster. I'm sure the poster isn't being  announced for other states. Thank you again.

  2. So the full marathon would be close to 11 hours, right? So you would start at 6AM, lol? My wife is going to kill me.

  3. Tonight is going to be the trailer that we've been waiting for! After seeing the trailer, I will pre-order the tickets! Man, the hype! Going to order mine on Fandango! Today I'll be watching all the trailers during the game on my laptop, making popcorn, and Star Wars Party at my place! XD Once the trailer shows up I'm going to turn up the volume and watch on the edge of my seat!

  4. Gonna have the Grill going soon. Chicken and Sausages. Mac & Cheese. Noodle Salad. Halloween Oreos. #Cubs #Bears Just want to see Episode 8 without groveling for special priv. Isn't the movie in itself enough? Power.

  5. Great but they are only options for USA, in Poland we have no idea when the tickets will arrive exept that Poland have TLJ premiere on December 14th.

  6. Big reveal is something to do with Poe Dameron I think… imagine he was Kylo Rens half brother man!!! Could be…

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