Star Wars The Last Jedi Exciting News Of Kylo Ren! SPOILERS

Today we have exciting news of Kylo Ren! today’s star wars the last jedi news comes from the star wars show! so we will be going into some star wars the last jedi about kylo ren’s tie fighter as we get our first official look at this mighty looking starfighter!. I really am digging the back of this ship! it looks aggressive as anything.



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  1. Cool.
    The silencer could be able to be invisible. Or because it silences everything it battles.
    Good job.

  2. Hey Mike love the channel!
    can you do an update video on the most up to date info on the lightsaber Luke will use in The Last Jedi?
    The movie posters portray him wielding the Skywalker lightsaber but it maybe the case that he only briefly uses it before switching to his green saber… I think it would be interesting to see what new info is out there about this!!

  3. I doubt it goes invisible but I do think it will become silenced when it goes from one color to the other, for fighting ( attack) purposes. My 2 cents worth. That is bad ass….

  4. ok so the BTS reel, at 0.41 in the video, is it Rey that Leia is looking at because I swear it's her hair we see, someone please help me with this.

  5. I would absolutely love to see a Tie Fighter that can turn invisible cause after watching those Phantom Tie Fighters in action in Star Wars: Rebel Assault II, I was just dying to see one on the big screen and even play with one!

  6. This Tie-Fighter has an eight pack and is shredded, like his pilot☻
    Absolutely awesome, can't wait to see it in action, thanks for this holy picture , Mike!!!

    B Y E

  7. the force awakens the last jedi knights of Skywalker…knights of ren vs finn po luke.rey?. .episode 9? vader killed the padawans so there was no chance of them coming back later..kylo saved rey for a reason..he said to rey I can show u the ways of the force..snoke told him to bring him the girl..he has no intention of that. i think he needs to find luke and tell him it wasn't him who destroyed the jedi academy…the old leader that he kills in the flashback did?snoke needed him to kill his father to trust him? makes no sense he should already trust him if he killed all Luke's padawans…kylo is trying to get darker by killing his father? wouldn't those padawans do it geez. vader cryed after he did it and his eyes glowed he got pretty dark..something's not right here..kylo is hiding the light from his so called step daddy snoke..hint hint. i need to lay of this star wars stuff for awhile I could just keep typing and typing..ahh….

  8. It looks very tight!!! I've wondered why some star destroyers had blue thrusters while it seems larger ones had red…

  9. Definitely a Bad Ass Tie Fighter,fits Kylo Ren perfect. I believe it will definitely be a "Silent" form of Tie Fighter as opposed to the original and updated Tie Fighters which all have and/or had a discrete sound. I'm sure someone else has already said that,but I'm new to following and haven't read all comments. Thanks MIKE ZEROH for another great video.

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