Star Wars The Last Jedi Exciting News Of Luke Skywalker & Mark Hamill

Today marks the first day of D23 which takes place at the anaheim convention center in California! today Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were honored at the Disney Legends Ceremony! Bob Iger was aside mark on stage when he has something exciting to say about Luke skywalker in star wars the last jedi and mark hamills performance!. It looks like rian johnson and crew including mark really made luke an amazing character in this film more than ever!. Hope you all enjoyed todays star wars the last jedi news and I cannot wait for the star wars the last jedi trailer!.




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  2. thanks 4 the info Mark should get a oscar. but why you choose the background of Mark Hamill , Luke Skywalker star wars episode 2 ???

  3. After hearing marks opinion on Luke I'm scared so I don't care what they say I'm going into the movie with marks words in mind

  4. hoping they dont alter his character much, disneys already twisting things….han dies, luke wanting to end the jedi, its like a new chef coming in and putting ice cream on a cheeseburger

  5. Well, he's hardly going to say he was average at best is he? He's promoting the film. Come on, it doesn't constitute 'shock news' to find out that Bob is creating hype for Hamill's performance. Moreover, the actor is actually there receiving accolades. You don't rock up and tell everyone 'he's alright, but no De Niro' do you?

  6. I have a good feeling that we will see Luke Skywalker fighting very intensely without the help of the CGI and it will look absolutely crazy!

  7. even though Mark was trolling fans at celebration in frustration and yet he's considered a Disney legend? lol.

  8. I can see a really emotional ride for Luke Skywalker compared to the original trilogy. I still believe that this will be the movie to break the mold and become the best ever Star Wars film, even Rogue One.

  9. I am excited to see Mark Hamill's portrayal of Luke Skywalker. Luke will be a father figure and teacher to Rey.

  10. Hi… The making of the movies are great, and the actor's,too…
    As, I see it, the story's, are, not- there, for me,it appears, same plots secens, but in different costume's…,
    Episode's,5,7, don't give to much or not at all, of the story's, telling,and they put CLIP-HANGER'S,IN THE MOVIES…
    Episode's 7, didn't, tell the story,of Episode 6 , No one
    said, Emporer Palpatine,died,nor, Darth-Vader,(ANAKIN SKYWALKER,eighter…
    Avery one, (ASSUME), Therefore,WHO's, the (ASS-U-ME)???
    " IM SICK OF IT "….
    As,I see it their doing it to US, and , new Generation…
    Well, anyway movies gives Good ,action ,and, sounds…???????????????

  11. Luke will be very intrueing and cautivating. be alert tomorrow. the live action panel will rock big time.

  12. Some of you people in the comments section are FUCK ng morons; semi-literate, ignorant, zero imagination, morons.

  13. Mark Hamill has had a lot of time (in between trilogies) to think about his role (Luke Skywalker) and all the various nuances, character traits and other qualities, that he can (or could) bring to it. If all of these new ideas, or insights, were put together in the right way and in the hands of a highly motivated, skilled, director, I would anticipate that we could see some sort of "channeling" of an "Alec Guinness" type of persona here (in The Last Jedi) perhaps, or something entirely new, different and original. The creation of a new or original character (Kylo Ren being a case in point) or an obvious "change" in an original character, is always an exciting thing! I'm not entirely sure why "Oscar" has an obvious historical bias against awarding merit to Star Wars actors or characters, perhaps it's time for that to change, or "end", as well!

  14. I have been a life-long Star Wars fan since the first time I stood in line for hours to watch (and re-watch ?) the original Star Wars: A New Hope in Westwood, LA. And the same for Empire Strikes Back, and Return of The Jedi. And now, I hope and pray TLJ is a huge galactic success…….and not the colossal disappointment that TFA was.

    Disney & JJ Abrams made disastrous mistakes with the TFA story and its characters.
    The new new characters introduced by Disney & JJ in TFA like Rey, Finn, Kylo, Poe, and Captain Phasma are dull, shallow, and stir up none of the crucial empathy that characters like Luke, Han, Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Darth Vader did. And NONE of the new characters introduced in TFA have the gravitas and depth that Luke, Leia, Han, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Darth Vader had. Hell, even R2D2 is more charming and lovable than BB8!

    Disney and JJ failed in story development and character development. They broke the cardinal rule: Empathetic characters drive plot. In fact, empathetic characters determine plot.
    If you create shallow, empty characters that fail to resonate and create empathy, the plot and story will fail to resonate emotionally and create empathy.

    And because these huge blunders were made in the first in the new trilogy, it has negative ripple effects on the following two films. But this can be undone by Ryan Johnson, who is a much more disciplined and creative storyteller than JJ, who is vastly overrated. I personally feel Disney should have had Ryan Johnson direct TFA. Or Denis Villeneuve, whose storytelling prowess and creative vision puts JJ to shame. If Ryan Johnson doesn't direct Epidode 9, Disney should reach out to Denis Villeneuve.
    Whatever happens..Disney would be committing the greatest mistake if Luke Skywalker dies in TLJ. Star Wars fans throughout the world would never forgive Disney if Luke dies in TLJ.
    Let's get real…Nobody wants to see TLJ or Epidode 9 because of Rey or Finn.
    Fans throughout the world will line up for hours to watch and re-watch TLJ and Epidode 9 because they truly love and feel a deep mysterious connection with Luke Skywalker, by far the most fascinating character (Next to Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader) in the history of Star Wars.
    Luke Skywalker is an iconic character whose character arc is rare and unlike anything writers have seen in awhile. It shall be the subject of deep study and analysis by writers and directors for ages.
    Disney..Let this be a reminder: Do not let Luke Skywalker die. This will be a galactic mistake fans throughout the universe will never forgive nor forget. Never.

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