Star Wars The Last Jedi Exciting News Of Rey & The Skywalker Lightsaber SPOILERS

Today we go over some Star Wars the Last Jedi news involving Rey and the skywalker lightsaber. We do know that Rey’s connection to the skywalker lightsaber will be a big plot piece in the film but we have learned more interesting things! This will go into star wars the last jedi spoilers so you have been warned.



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  1. Suddenly I'm thinking something very krazy…. what if Rey is one of many clones of Shmi Skywalker? But she happens to be the last clone of Shmi…? Shmi is Anakin's mother and Luke's grandmother…. what if this is the reason why she has such a strong connection to Anakin's lightsaber?

  2. I keep having this dumb impression that Rey is Darth Vader reincarnated/cloned/whatever, making all 9 seasons about him. And explaining why she is boringly super at everything, Vader was too but it worked because he was the baddie.
    Although, I am not sure if a major movie studio would gender swap a character like that.

  3. Either Rey is Kylos sister or maybe something completely new. For example: what happened to Luke's hand when it was cut off, along with the sabor? A possible theory is that Rey is a clone of Luke, by using his DNA from his hand. That's why she has visions of Luke's life when the savor was touched in TFA.

  4. Rey's mother left her to fight the knights of ren. Why did JJ Abrams erase Luke's Jedi students? He totally messed up Luke's character. I mean he almost killed his father and he just goes into hiding? As long as Luke messed up Snoke I might buy he went into hiding so he doesn't go to the Dark side. But they are scared to use legends stories everybody likes.

  5. any kind of reincarnation plot for Rey's origins would totally send real fans off. I'm confident Rey is a Skywalker. But, that doesn't mean that it such a truth will be presented so clearly to us either…

  6. Mike, a lot of times you make me feel like I am waiting my time listening to you ramble and drone on about noy so exciting news only for you to ask everyone, well what do you think guys? you did not give me any good info

  7. In The Force Awakens teaser#2 Luke says "The force is strong in my family, my father has it, I have it, my sister has it, you have that power too". The Skywalker family lightsabre calls to her because she's also a Skywalker

  8. lightsaber responds to the one that was created by the force and I think Rey was created by the force and is the one prophesied…if these secret got out earlier they would have been waiting for the girl not Luke…attention was on Luc when those that knew the true ancient prophecies knew there was another coming and she is that other

  9. Just like the prequels have (opened up the a door for the originals;)so we'll the new trilogy: (open up the a door for the prequels) totally.

  10. Anakins could have a brother that was separated at birth and this is why Snoke was rumored to be plagueis cause they share so many similarities and snole takes over anakins role and Snoke could be the father of Rey , that is huge

  11. Again I agree with Daisy Ridley when she says she was a little shocked that soooo many people didn't get what she thought was obvious clues to Rey's parentage. It is obvious to anyone who really thinks about the original trailer. Luke states "the force is strong in my family….. and you have that power too" AKA SHE IS IN THE FAMILY!

  12. Plaguies is snoke. He was mortally injured but not killed by palpatine. Used his abilities to sustain his own life. Waited in the shadows for the empire to fall. He created Rey in the same way that he created anikin in the beginning. Trying again. Therefore it is not the 'skywalker' bloodline so much as it is the 'plaguies' bloodline. This is why snoke and kylo are so interested in 'the girl'.

  13. Rey has a twin played by Daisy.Then Rey dies but we don't know about the twin.We think she's a reincarnation . reveal E9

  14. What I think is that you do a good job overall, but generally spend 4-8 minutes on what could have been explained in 15-20 seconds. I'd watch your videos far more often if you got to the point more quickly. Just my $0.02 worth.

  15. Millennium being destroyed yeah if Han, Leia, and Luke might not even make it through this trilogy why not just rock it all. Not trying to be morbid or anything but everything that starts-ends. Even if the Skywalkers have kids and the solos and on and on it will be part of them, but not really "them." In Star Trek they're always blowing up ships and evacuating but in Star Wars they rarely ever use that trope instead relying on space opera, character reveals, and family drama, so it would actually have resonance and great impact to see the beloved falcon go down. Sure it's emotional seeing Han and Chewie and Leia and Luke dying, but seeing the bird itself go down in flames would be like seeing their souls being blown up-pure epic.

  16. Luke was used, The Jedi have an agenda and they know that only a Skywalker can complete their plan. Having said that every one knows that the Sith order was established by the Jedi order….They needed a common enemy….Luke now knows all of this to be true…

  17. personally, I don't think rey's parentage "reveal" is supposed to be a big deal. throughout the force awakens she has a strong connection to the skywalker lightsaber as well as with luke and the rest of his family. i would find it strange that they would bring back the skywalker saber only for her to be someone else.

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