Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren & Rey NEW Dialogue Revealed!

Today we go over some star wars the last jedi news when it comes to Rey and Kylo Ren and some new pieces of dialogue! In the star wars the last jedi trailer we heard plenty of lines from kylo ren and rey but now we got some new sets of dialogue where some can make you think. This will go into minor star wars the last jedi spoilers so you have been warned.



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  1. I have decided of what this new Dialogue on Star Wars The Last Jedi has been revealed I was watching that? That this new dialogue was true very true maybe it's because kylo Ren wanted his nephew Luke Skywalker in the hands of his own father Darth Vader AKA Anakin Skywalker

  2. one of this is for Kylo and the other is to Luke.
    At the start Luke will not want to train Rey but he will change his mind after he sees how much power does Rey have 😛

  3. I hate how disney release these TV spots, I tried to ignore TFA ones but they were everywhere. One trailer damn it, just one trailer and leave it !!!

  4. I think she's saying that he's gonna pay for killing her family and leaving her stranded on Jaku. That lines up with the plot script also.

  5. I really feel that he kills Luke or a willing death by Luke so he could always be by Rey's side no matter the distance like obi did for Luke obi even says if you strike me down I'll be more powerful than you can ever imagine

  6. I agree that when Kylo says "You will bring Luke Skywalker to me." He is in fact talking to Rey but I think it may happen in a different context. Its possible that Kylo just might surprise us all and be the one to save Rey from Snoke (likely in the moment from the trailer when Snoke is torturing her with the force) and that piece of dialogue will actually come after he saves her and they make their escape. Maybe at this point in the story Luke is still avoiding taking part and fulfilling his role in the fate of the galaxy and when Rey explains this to Kylo that's when he will deliver that line and suggest that the both of them together could possibly convince him to step up and join them to defeat Snoke and the first order.. Just a fun theory..

  7. "You must go to the Centurie Moon… and wait for Him…."
    " He will come to ME?"
    "I have foreseen it… His compassion for You will be His undoing…. He will come to You…and You will bring Him before me!"

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