Star Wars The Last Jedi NEW Character Actor Revealed!

Lets go over some star wars the last jedi news when it comes to a new star wars the last jedi character actor that director Rian Johnson has a long past with! I believe Noah Segans character will be placed in the casino city of Cantobight personally!


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  1. possibly a rebel fighter or an imperial officer. In TFA there were many cameos in the rebel war room planning the attack on Starkiller Base

  2. All I want is to see Luke kick some ass! Be it members of the Knights of Ren or Kylo Ren or even both, I just want him to so use his power! Yes, the leaks say he does get some action but I don't see Luke losing to Kylo Ren because it will be a huge let down for me personally being a huge Luke Skywalker fan, myself.

  3. Just hope seeing familiar species ( ithorians, twi'leks ,duros, arconnas, ishi' tibs, weequays, etc) on the movie and not just new species

  4. Isn't he the guy on your picture of canto Mike ? the third one on the right of the picture in a tuxedo ?? look like him

  5. I think it's great that Rian Johnson is bringing in talent that he trusts;I believe this is going to be a great picture..

  6. I'm sure I can't be the only one who would be find it strange to say the least that in a family saga about the Skywalkers, the family itself were to be pushed aside slightly while a spot lights shines on some 'Jenny come lately'.

    Look at the poster too. The key characters highlighted are Luke, underneath him, Rey and Ren and below them (brilliantly) Leia. Now, it's just a personal feeling here, but it makes much more sense if those four characters are all family than one of them just isn't. They're grouped together in a very telling way that works very nicely with the idea of the family at the centre of this story than a strange 'odd one out'.

  7. In the trailer did you notice when Rey was using the force and she cracked the earth and luke has wide eyes and looked really surprised that it looked just like the scene where Luke is trying to get his ship out of the swamp on degobah and yoda looked surprised with wide eyes

  8. That's brilliant! I wonder who plays Tallie as well? I really wanna see the cantobight chase scene with Rose and Finn, like, right NOWWWW

  9. Cool.
    Always nice to see great actors and new cararters in Starwars. I hope he represents well. May the force be with him.
    Your probably right. I think he will have a part in the get away scene that happens in the casino.
    Good job.

  10. The last thing you said was that you think you'll see Joseph Gordon levitts character In the same scene in the last jedi… wtf does that mean since there's no way his character can exist in the star wars universe

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