Star Wars The Last Jedi NEW Looks Of Kylo Ren, Rey & More!

Todays star wars the last jedi news goes over some new looks of Kylo Ren, General Leia, Luke Skywalker and Rey all thanks to Lucasfilm commissioned Brian Rood! The star wars the last jedi trailer is coming soon and today we will be going into minor star wars the last jedi spoilers by going over these images.



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  1. Hey Mike could you give us an update on trailer b it would really help to have a set date instead of checking the Star Wars channel every single day only to find blips.

  2. As cool as Luke may look and as powerful as he may be, he has been digging holes around that island to squat down and shit in…. then he has to kick the sand over it like a cat

  3. Indeed excited! When I saw these online I was very pleased what I saw. I love all of these pictures and I love your take on them Mike.

  4. Mike…have a shot of an Anakin force ghost action figure from Amazon…can I send it to you if its not something you have already?

  5. ever since Carrie Fisher passed away, what has had me worried, is I hope they got to film scenes of her character Leia having an onscreen reunion with Luke, and a mother-son showdown with Kylo Ren, but since she was intended to return for Episode 9 and died before production could begin, it's very likely that either one or both of those scenes never got filmed

  6. Do you ever play darts? I look at that dart board in the background of every video yet the darts are always in the same position!

  7. I'm sorry but Ben is a big baby, it's impossible for me to take the new bad guys seriously, Snake or oh sorry Snoke is goofy and just not believable, they are going to have to do something amazing if thus new trilogy is to not be another prequel disaster

  8. my thoughts on these amazing pictures:
    Liea looks very determined and like the great leader she was.
    Luke looks incredible and just looks so cool Can't wait to see Mark in action again
    Kylo looks very bad ass Mike seriously amazing pictures!
    Rey looks like she is ready to battle and she seems to be deep in thought.

  9. Hi… I see it this way.
    LUKE and LEIA, got more takes to make more money….
    No one I think new Carrier Fisher, was going to really, die…
    I believe they wanted to go back what they where, doing before a call back, but to me they didn't want
    to pay them the money, like Harsion Ford, was,
    Therefore, they got more scense, to get payed more
    That's my theory, So! they make them work for the money,and that's why,
    LUKE and LEIA, look as they do, the same with the rest of them…
    Rey had to do alot of training, for her money…?…
    As, for this Snoke thing,
    They say, he is not a SITH,
    or any other kind of dark
    I believe Snoke,is cover-up, for Emporer Palpatine,he alive, and hiding from Darth-Vader and LUKE….
    That is my Theory!!!

  10. Hopefully DJ Del Toro is the true villain of the new sequels. Ren is not disciplined enough to be a leader. Snoke I'm not sure of..he just seems like a puppet figure head that someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings of. Hopefully DJ will emerge with an army of hidden true bloods.

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