Star Wars The Last Jedi NEW Material Revealed!

Today we go over some star wars the last jedi news that is of new material for the film featuring Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron and Finn!. The star wars the last jedi trailer dropped a could weeks ago and recently a new bts reel revealing new star wars the last jedi footage. The images today are banners that are said to arrive in theaters.


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Music in the outro is by Benn Down The Divider (Reprise) from his Zombies III Album.

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  1. Tbh I don't think Kylo is even looking for revenge against Rey … he knows it's his fault he lost the fight… she's not to blame … he didn't want to kill her which led to his loss, I don't see why he would blame her for his actions, its more likely that he has no rage towards her at all and will continue to try and convince her to join him…

  2. Mary Sue Rey sucks, Disney starwars sucks, Finn is worse than jar jar binks, the last Jedi is empire clone but way worse

  3. ha I love you Mike Zeroh! You'd report on if Luke Skywalker took a shit and measure how long it is! meaning you literally get into any and every single bit of info you can get your hands on and for the most part it's all factual and actual facts and 98% of the time right and non click baity. Like I feel a lot of other star wars YouTubers make crazy titles and thumbnails just to lure people in for views, likes and shares when most of the time their content is bullshit half ass fan theory's like "Rey's parents confirmed" or "Snokes identity" but no. Not you Mike Zeroh. Your the truth buddy! And you deserve wayyyyyyy more subscribers! millions! But oh well. At least for the few of us who's been here when you've only had 1000 to now almost on the verge of 100k! almost there man! And I bet I'm not the only one that feels all the hard work you do for us fans is greatly underappreciated and unaccounted for.

  4. Cool.
    I wonder if the art style is copied from what we will see from the old Jeti books or the way the flash backs looks on the screen.
    Good job.

  5. Poe looks like a run way model. Finn looks like a boxer ready to kick ass. And Kylo Ren looks like he is about to get his ass kicked!

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